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5G. "We would like the process to resume as soon as possible" in …

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5G. "We would like the process to resume as soon as possible" in ...

Ericsson would like the 5G process to “resume as soon as possible” in Portugal, Ericsson Portugal's director of ‘pre-sales networks’ said this Tuesday, ensuring that the company “is completely ready” for launch.

Luís Muchacho answered journalists' questions by videoconference, in the scope of the ‘webinar’ “Ericsson: 5G in a changing world”.

“We would like to have 5G in Portugal in 2020 for several reasons”, among them the cases and applications that the fifth generation mobile (5G) allows, and because “5G is a reality in other countries” and so that “Portugal does not stay back, ”said the official.

However, "there is the situation of Covid-19 that we know well" and this "made this delay perfectly justified", added Luís Muchacho.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the suspension of the consultation process for auctions for the allocation of licenses for the fifth mobile generation.

“We would like the process to be resumed as soon as possible”, he stressed, referring that “Ericsson is completely ready to launch 5G in Portugal”.

The director of networks at Ericsson Portugal said that the company believes that 5G “will bring value to Portugal”.

With the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, “this fundamental need” to start up with the fifth mobile generation became even more evident, that “telecommunications are indeed a fundamental asset nowadays”.

The official said that in the post-pandemic period 5G will be important, namely when talking about the use of teleworking more frequently, for example.

Luís Muchacho said that it is important “to have 5G more quickly” and “it is possible to do it with controlled investments”.

Asked about the fact that Huawei is out of the 'core' of 5G networks in some countries, the official said that "Ericsson refrains from commenting on situations that concern" competitors.

"Ericsson was never considered a risky supplier," he said.


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