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A neo-totalitarianism. Invincible?

by ace
A neo-totalitarianism. Invincible?

Woody Allen, like many others, without investigation, without trial, without trial, without penalty, is being condemned. Hachette has just given up publishing your Memories (Gradiva will do everything, pay what you have to pay, to translate and edit it).

Note: as only practiced in Nazism and Bolshevism, Lenin, Trotsky and, more cruel and with less gray matter to manage cruelty, Stalin. And Mao, but this one, with the same result, taking advantage of the ancient noble tradition in China of the value and recognition of the transforming power of education: it was the Maoist “re-education”. I have friends who suffered it, surviving. Because there were slowdowns in that struggle, attempts that since 1956 have never stopped to control the admittedly maddened tyrant. Xijiping, for example, also suffered it.

It is, in fact, a new totalitarianism – this one that I call neo – different from the previous ones in the degree, of another nature, much worse, like A “neo-totalitarianism”. Without state or radiating center. No invading army, no leaders with a face. That we cannot escape, that it is possible to face and win, even if we have to die for that. How others were defeated.

It is among us. It conquers the intelligences and the wills. Each person submitted is a new agent. Passive or active, dominated, silenced or virulent. Like a virus. Which turns citizens into zombies.

It has an "army of shadow", but this is at the service of evil, and not at the service of the Resistance to others.

It has all of the overdue totalitarianisms. But there's more. That is why I put the word “neo” in front of you, to refer to the new, more extreme reality. Already Impossible to face?

Never has totalitarian delirium, its ultimate design, its pathological aspiration and program, its exponential effects, gone so far. Objectives and territory. Because it occupies, settles and grows in the intimate territory of its victims. What was coercion, what was obtained by weapons and terror, is now “voluntary” conversion, docile submission, multiplying itself. No gulagues or crematory ovens, Gestapos or KGBs, coercion or terror. It is a strange conquest of his victims on their own. Something reminiscent of science fiction, a planet Earth hit by a virus that makes us live dead, voluntary slaves of a diffuse force, of evanescence.

A voluntary abdication of intelligence, critical analysis, freedom. Consented and desired submission. It is, for now, still a fear of being and being outside.

As far as realization is concerned, totalitarianism is taking place to an extreme where the totalitarianism already suffered always wanted to reach, but where they had never managed to go, even in their most appalling achievements: the deepest intimacy of the human being.

Neo-totalitarianism is a global reality, a multinational without a center, without an identifiable command, an enigmatic web, as is the Web, where no content is actually known where it is.

And there are no time limits. Rewrites the past. He is a relentless inquisitor of the past and history. Enslave the present. It determines the future, it is prospective and retrospective.

It is already in schools, among us led by a submitted ministry.

A civilizational rupture, which the various mutations that have been accelerating since the 1960s seem to be determining.

As Orwell announced.

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