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A sustainable store, the return of Buchinho and the risk of Covid-19. Is there more …

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A sustainable store, the return of Buchinho and the risk of Covid-19. Is there more ...

The 54th edition of ModaLisboa will start next Thursday, March 5. In a scenario marked by the threat of contagion of the new coronavirus, with confirmed cases of infection on national soil, the capital's main fashion event returns to the Former Army General Uniforms and Equipment Workshops for the second consecutive edition and for three days of parades.

The calendar starts with the usual Sangue Novo parade, at the end of Friday afternoon, with designers Cêlá, Filipe Cerejo, Flávia Brito, Francisco Pereira and Inês Manuel Baptista in the race for first place in the contest. Following are the parades by Carolina Machado and Duarte, included in the Lab platform. This is followed by Valentim Quaresma, on a day marked by the return of Carlos Gil to the ModaLisboa calendar, since, in recent seasons, the designer had chosen to present his collections at Portugal Fashion.

This is the second edition of ModaLisboa to take place in the Former General Army Uniforms and Equipment Workshops © Melissa Vieira / Observador

On Saturday, the parades of João Magalhães, debutant Buzina (brand by Vera Fernandes), Ricardo preto, Luís Carvalho, Kolovrat, Gonçalo Peixoto and Nuno Gama are expected. As has happened in recent editions, Portugal Fashion also has the possibility to add fashion shows to the Lisbon line-up. This time it will be Luís Buchinho, who marks 30 years of career. Saturday's parade takes place precisely six years after the creator's last visit to the Lisbon catwalk.

Constança Entrudo and Hibu inaugurate the last day of parades. Awaytomars, Ricardo Andrez, Aleksandar Protic and the invited brand Ninamounah take this 54th edition of ModaLisboa to the final moment, which will be in charge of Dino Alves.

The initiatives open to the public remain a solid bet for the organization. Right on Thursday, the Fast Talks tradition is fulfilled, at 5pm. The new and urgent challenges of fashion will be under discussion with a panel composed only of women. This program is not just about fashion. The organization debuts Starting Point, a musical, theater and dance alignment that will cover different spaces – General Workshops, City Halls and Santa Clara Market – during the four days of the event. Surma, Aurora Pinho Leite and Mistah Isaac are some of the expected artists.

Over the next few days, ModaLisboa will be the United Fashion host event. In all, 15 European fashion designers will pass through the Portuguese capital and show their talent, not only behind closed doors, but also in presentations open to the public. The first moment is on Thursday night, at 9 pm, in the City Hall. On Friday, the same names join the creators of ModaLisboa for a pop-up store that will occupy the Santa Clara Market, throughout the afternoon.

It is difficult to imagine ModaLisboa without the Wonder Room, either for its value as a showcase for new projects and ideas, or for the opportunity to see up close, touch, experiment and buy designer pieces. In this edition, there will be 25 brands present in this temporary store open to the public throughout the weekend. Names like Sensify by Laila Sorensen, Paparina, Marie, Benedita Formosinho, Ikigai powered by Rosários 4 and A-Line Clothing are part of a selection based on ethical production, honest values ​​and missions and the promotion of responsible consumption.

But this Wonder Room goes far beyond clothing. Mix accessories – Alice & Co., Antiflop, Lobo Apparel, Marc Mau and Zouri – with design and decoration brands, such as João Bruno Design and Alguidar.

A sustainable store, the return of Buchinho and the risk of Covid-19. Is there more ...

Alguidar is one of the brands present in the Wonder Room, with knitted decoration items, made in Covilhã © Instagram.com/alguidarknit

During the three days of fashion shows, the Workstation space will also be open to the public. Afonso Sereno, Cristiana Morais and Frederico Om are the photographers invited to feed this exhibition updated daily. In parallel, the Check Point program will discuss issues such as entrepreneurship, sustainability and the redefinition of consumption patterns, under the pretext of anticipating the future of fashion. Participation requires prior registration.

Sustainability remains at the top of the agenda. In this edition, ModaLisboa joins the Terramotto platform in a collection campaign of old and unwanted clothing and accessories. The action involves artists Gonçalo Mar, RAF (Rui Alexandre Ferreira) and Rita Ravasco, responsible for the interventions in the three containers available for collection. Until Thursday, these deposits will be spread throughout the city – Largo Vitorino Damásio, Campo Pequeno and Cais do Sodré -, from that day and until Sunday they will be in the premises of ModaLisboa. The collected goods will then be sorted. The pieces in good condition will be sold at affordable prices to needy communities through Humana stores, while the rest will be sent to recycling centers.

Following the first two confirmed cases in Portugal, ModaLisboa announced, last Monday, a set of contingency measures to be applied before and during the event. In addition to monitoring the health status of teams and visitors, especially those from outside the country, tracking partners and collaborators at the event over the next few days and installing disinfectant gel dispensers on the premises, the organization also predicts that a medical post works permanently in the General Workshops, where an isolation room is also being prepared.

The organization of ModaLisboa foresees the possibility that the event will be held behind closed doors, “in case the situation gets worse”, with the guarantee of the transmission of the parades in livestream.


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