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Alfa reopens museum and shows what had “hidden”

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Alfa reopens museum and shows what had "hidden"

On June 24, 1910, a new car manufacturer was born in Italy: Alfa Romeo. The mark of the snake and four-leaf clover celebrates its 110th anniversary today and does not let the pandemic limit its celebrations. The stage of the party is the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese, which not only reopens on a birthday day but also offers “gifts” to all alfists. But really everyone.

The party programme includes attractions for both those in Italy and those who have to follow the celebrations in the distance. In the first case, one of the biggest novelties is the display of 150 vehicles that, until now, have remained guarded from the public eye. The collection, which also includes engines, trophies and illustrations, is organized in 18 thematic areas, in an exhibition course that recovers the highest moments of Alfa Romeo. To see, there are “relics” such as caimano and protéo, two concepts that gave that talk, but also prototypes such as the Scrabble and Sprint 6C, as well as historical sports models RL, 6C models of Vittorio Jano and more recent racing and road vehicles.

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The eagerness to be at the technological forefront also finds space in the museum, where you can appreciate engines that made history, such as the 4C 1500 of the 1930s and the 415T of Formula 1, for example. And because, from 60 years ago to this part, the Alpha are also inseparable from the carabinieri, there is a new museum section that “wears” the uniform of the authorities in six copies that will have given some headaches to the bandits, from the 1900 M “Matta” which, in the colors of the Carabinieri, triumphed in the Mille Miglia, until the most recent Giulia.

Those who can’t physically keep up with the celebrations can watch a web stream from Arese, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. at this link, and take a virtual tour of Alfa Romeo’s 110 years in a series of six videos (which you can see Here) with overviews of the museum and the contents available on file, including photographs, videos, technical drawings, sketches and production records. Audiovisual content also establishes a timeline with alfa’s industrial evolution and its most striking creations in the field of aesthetics and performance. Conciliating over and over, the new Giulia GTA also makes its first public appearance.


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