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António Guterres says that, in the most optimistic scenario, the world will return “to…

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António Guterres says that, in the most optimistic scenario, the world will return "to...

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres says that in a more optimistic scenario, in which developed countries are able to coordinate their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world will not return to normality for two or three years.

In a joint interview with three European newspapers (El País, Brazil, Die Welt, New A. And The Tribune of Genève), Guterres also defends the actions of the World Health Organization (WHO) and does not believe that the organization has “tried to help China hide reality.” Admitted that “at some point” the way in which the world, including the WHO, responded to the pandemic, guterres said, stressing that everyone acted “in good faith.”

“At some point we will have to investigate the origin of the pandemic, how it can spread so rapidly and how who, countries and other entities responded. Of course, that analysis will have to be done. But what I can say is that I know the people of who and they are not controlled by any country. They have always acted in good faith to achieve the best possible cooperation between Member States,” guterres said.

“Mistakes may have been made, but I don’t think who has tried to help China hide the reality. I think the organization wanted to have a good relationship with China at the beginning of the pandemic. They wanted to make sure that China cooperated,” the UN Secretary-General added.

António Guterres stressed the importance of a coordinated response among all countries in the world for the fight against coronavirus to be successful. Asked about the post-pandemic world, Guterres says it’s “too early” for predictions, but warns of different scenarios.

“There is an optimistic scenario, in which developed countries coordinate their responses and manage to contain the virus to prevent a second wave of contagion. Developing countries would at least save themselves from disaster. Things would be back to normal in two or three years,” guterres says.

“But there is also a pessimistic scenario, caused by the lack of a coordinated response, and that would be a disaster for the southern hemisphere and would generate an important second wave in the north, with dire economic consequences and a global depression of five to seven years,” the UN Secretary-General added.

In the interview, António Guterres also defends the importance of international organizations such as the UN itself — “we need global leadership, because otherwise we cannot effectively respond to challenges such as pandemic” —but also as the European Union, which, he considers, “must prevent a G2 from being consolidated, that is, a global order with only two super powers, the U.S. and China.”


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