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At the age of 94, Isabel II lost control of a horse ride

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At the age of 94, Isabel II lost control of a horse ride

At the age of 94, Isabel II is clearly part of one of the groups most vulnerable to the new coronavirus. The threat prompted her to withdraw on March 19. Since then, the Queen of England and her husband, who celebrates her 99th birthday next week, have remained well accommodated, and with a small number of employees, on her Windsor property, about an hour from London.

Last weekend, the vitality and energy of the monarch, whose reign is the longest in the history of the British monarchy, stunned the world. Isabel II came to ride a horse through the gardens of Windsor. With one of her typical silk scarves on her head and rigorously equipped, the ritual is part of the care to be taken with animals.

© STEVE PARSONS / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

“His Majesty likes to ride since childhood and is very involved in the care of the horses that she breeds and rides”, reads in the caption left on the social media of the British royal family.

The specimen in question is a 14-year-old Fell Pony named Balmoral Fern and was one of the Queen's companies over the past weekend. During the session of equitation and relaxation, this was the first time that Isabel II was photographed after having left Buckingham Palace for the peace of the countryside.


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