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Avoiding bad company

by ace
Avoiding bad company

These days, we learn that George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Mitt Romney will not vote for Donald Trump in the next US presidential election, with Joe Biden (in the case of the former Secretary of State, vote for the Democratic candidate is already a certainty). In the binary world in which we live, in black and white, where the various shades of gray are being demoted to the condition of weakness and tenderness, and in which the Manichaean vision dominates that blindly separates the good from the bad, the pure from the impure, ours. of the others, Bush, Powell and Romney did not have to wait long to be singled out by some of their Republican peers as examples of a cowardly and ashamed right, unable to carry out the necessary cultural struggle against the Democratic Party and its candidate.

All things considered, the ideological or programmatic distance that separates Biden from a typical Republican candidate is not much different from that which separates Trump from that same condition. But the distance that separates the Democratic candidate from decency, moderation, humanism and respect for institutions is narrower than the path the Republican candidate would have to take to get there.

That is why the position of the three Republican Party figures, contrary to what they are accused of, could not be more courageous and assertive. Because with the evidence of the gap between Trump and the minimum requirements for respect for democracy, freedom and the rule of law, fundamental pillars of the foundation, development and unity of the United States, to face up to disown him is not to play the game from the left: it is to protect the dignity of the system, position and country and, above all, to defend the democratic, moderate and liberal tradition of the Republican Party and the American right.

Cowardice remains for those who, in a tactical silence on the pretext of a simplistic dialectic and an equivocal combat of those who only want defeat on the other side, regardless of who is fighting for ours, validate the disrespect for democratic institutions, the attempt at promiscuity between powers, the quest to install the cult of personality, the trivialization of hate speech, the spread of the divisive environment – ideal for those who want to divide and reign – and, above all, an irresponsible, irrational, unworthy and indecent stance. And, with that, they validate the evaporation of the American right as we know it: the defense of the Constitution, the democratic spirit and freedoms.

"We can unite around reason, dignity, decency and individual rights and then, then, we fight on whatever themes we want" is the right motto given by one of the many anonymous Americans who gather on the website of the Republican platform Voters Against Trump. And this motto is valid in the USA as in the rest of the democratic world, namely in Europe, where the right that will remain for History as courageous is not the one that is willing to offer silences and accomplices freights to Le Pen, Orban, Salvini, Abascal or André Ventura, but one that is willing to fight them and that imposes that democracy and freedom remain as non-negotiable values.

For those who, on the right, live preoccupied with the specter of the supposed need for cultural war against the left, worry first about starting here: cleaning the space itself by purging it of bad companies that supply the cultural heritage of the civilized right, starting with bold and assertive gestures like Bush, Powell or Romney. This is the starting point. Because without it, the destination point will never be the same.


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