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"Big delay". New iPhone will not come out in September, as usual, indicates a …

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"Big delay". New iPhone will not come out in September, as usual, indicates a ...

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The launch of the next edition of the iPhone – strictly speaking, of the various models that Apple launches each year – will be facing a "major delay in the production cycle". The revelation was made by the chief executive of Broadcom, one of Apple's leading component suppliers, in a conference call with financial analysts later in the week. The official did not name Apple but referred to “our major North American manufacturer of mobile devices” – an expression already used several times by Broadcom's leader, Hock Tan, to refer to Apple. The (half) revelation led the specialized press to take for granted that the next iPhone will not come out in mid-September, as has been the case for several years.

There is a great expectation in relation to the next smartphone models produced by Apple, which have been called iPhone 12 by the press, because the model range is expected to include the first iPhone capable of being connected by 5G technology. But it is only in the fourth quarter that Broadcom expects, as a supplier, to receive the invoicing it normally performs in the third quarter. This may mean that the iPhone 12 may come out in the last months of the year and not in late summer.

"We are in," confirmed the official, asked whether Broadcom was keeping Apple's orders in this context of uncertainty related to the Covid-19 pandemic. "The question is timing," said Hock Tan. "This year, we do not expect to see an increase in revenues in the third quarter, only in the fourth quarter – which will, therefore, cause the turnover in the third quarter to be lower this year in year-on-year terms."

Apple will be preparing the launch of four new iPhone models, all prepared for the 5G and with the highest-end models to recover the rectangular sides, such as the “old” iPhone 5, and to abandon the curved sides that have marked the design of the latest smartphones from the company led by Tim Cook. The news was released by Bloomberg in mid-April, citing sources familiar with Apple's plans.

Apple prepares new iPhone with four models, 5G and a “return to the past”


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