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Bruno Nogueira kills Bicho tonight: will Bicho move again?

by ace
Bruno Nogueira kills Bicho tonight: will Bicho move again?

“Do you know what this means? That you should have finished Monday. ”

Almost at the end of a broadcast to forget, the humorist João Quadros can't resist pricking the creator of “Como é que o Bicho Mexe”. Days before, Bruno Nogueira had been struggling with the date to shut down Bicho. Whether it was better to follow instinct and get it over with at the beginning of the week or hold on until Friday and have time to prepare a goodbye. Tonight, if all goes well, he will walk alone in Lisbon in search of the big family with whom he spent part of the quarantine. In Porto, he will have the help of rapper Capicua and humorist Beatriz likes. Anyone who has watched the live on the last few nights knows the secret code: Christmas lights at the window.

This procession of lights marks the end of two months in which every day, between 11 pm and 1 am, the actor and comedian offered a late-night show to the world, via Instagram, in one of the most extraordinary collective experiences of this quarantine. An idea that was born without pretensions, when Bruno Nogueira found himself spending the first days of confinement alone with his three daughters and needing to decompress. First step, escape to the office. Second, serve a glass of white. Third, call friends, who are also at home. "How was your day?" By the way, this becomes accessible to anyone who is equally random and online, in an exercise with both personal and group therapy. The number stabilized at a solid 60,000. There between the large family and a successful cult, one that attracts many well-known people. What followed was, at the very least, a phenomenon and, on one particular night, a miracle.

If, when it started, the program didn't even have a name, it gradually became defined, in a recreational environment for people over 18 years old. Monologue at the entrance, conversations in the middle, closing music, collective packing courtesy of Filipe Melo at the piano. As resident guests, comedian Nuno Markl and actor Nuno Lopes. Intermittent but regular, the TV presenter João Manzarra, the comedians Salvador Martinha and Beatriz likes, and the actors Inês Aires Pereira and Albano Jerónimo, among others. Each in its register, each with its own function. Anything goes. And anything can happen. Like pianist Maria João Pires to appear to play, or goalkeeper Rui Patrício to talk. Very quickly, Bruno provokes, answers, asks. Distribute game. If you see someone interesting in the comments, try to bring them into the conversation.

Bruno Nogueira and the reinvention of late night in quarantine

It happened on the night of April 24th to 25th, when, after having been talking about a putative “Auto da Picha”, on stage at the National Theater D. Maria II and starring Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho, Bruno Nogueira notice Eunice herself commenting on the Instagram live. Minutes later, the 91-year-old actress is live. The moment is one of tenderness and incredulity. Especially because Eunice Muñoz, totally lucid, confirms that she did, “Auto da Picha”.

However, it is already midnight. The next day, no one can go to the street shouting, but it's time to move on to a compromise: call Vhils, who is carving a portrait of José Afonso on a wall. “Grândola, Vila Morena” is heard and Bicho is moved by weight, including the host. It is not for less. The number of people attending is over 70 thousand. There is still time to follow offhand for a Capicua intervention rap, before the usual closing, this time with a jazz version of “Bring Another Friend Too.” "Hey man, I'm going to be cheesy, but fuck it," concludes Bruno. “I didn't record digitally, but it is a moment that will accompany me forever. Everything will work out. Today more than ever, everything will be fine. ” Much will be written about “The Great Confinement”, but there was no need to wait long to confirm our gregarious nature. Join us in adversity. Even more so in celebrations. #we are together.

One of the most interesting and inadvertent aspects of “How does Bicho Mexe” is what this will mean in cultural terms. Is this the future of audiovisual? Platforms where each one of us can have a “MeTV”? How does the distance between protagonist and spectator dilute and give up filters? In what more than receiving products made do people seek to share experiences? At the limit, Bicho is a program made at zero cost and totally without a network – sometimes in more ways than one. Is this an exportable format for TV or confined to a state of emergency with an undeniable leveling effect, by showing us all equally irritated by the dust and interested in making bread? Would we have the same patience in other circumstances to hear the same endless conversations about masturbation and oral sex? Bruno Nogueira has been exploring new television formats for years and playing with the boundaries between fiction and reality. Just think of "The Last to Leave" or "Odyssey". By the way, I'm certainly not asking, but “Auto da Picha” is already on the author's Wikipedia page.

More than having inaugurated what could be a new audiovisual format or just a one-hit wonder, the great magic of Bicho – and Bruno Nogueira, because only he would be able, simultaneously, to improvise and in this way, actor , humorist, interviewer and director – it is the community he created. With its own lexicon and folklore. From João Manzarra's haircuts to Beatriz's afters Like, "yes sound?" to the “go of cunt”. By the way, "what was I going to say was not a lie?"

On Thursday night, Bruno Nogueira guaranteed that this is not goodbye. It's one until now. He just doesn't know how the return will be. It is giving you time to rest and watch the family. However, a program that was born as an immediate response to a crisis leaves a series of questions in the air that no one knows when they will have an answer. Except for one, right at night: will the country light up to say goodbye to Bicho?


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