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Build a rocket like the SpaceX and launch it

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Build a rocket like the SpaceX and launch it

It is likely that the second attempt to put the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule into orbit, scheduled for this Saturday at 22h22 (Portuguese time), will have to be postponed again because the ideal conditions for a space flight are not met. It aims to move two astronauts from NASA, the American entity that regulates space flights, to the International Space Station.

Even before reaching the rocket, the astronauts will travel to the launch pad for Model X, the official car for these space flights, a status that is easy to explain since the rocket, a Falcon 9, belongs to SpaceX, from businessman Elon Musk, who also runs Tesla.

On May 27 the astronauts go from Tesla

The flight is relatively short, only 19 hours during which it will cover about 400 km, far from the 384,000 km needed to reach the Moon. The most complicated part is to "hit" the International Space Station, which travels at 27,500 km / h is only 73 m long and 109 m wide.

Given the high probability of today's launch being delayed, NASA decided not to disappoint fans by proposing to build their own Falcon 9. Watch the video, follow the steps and blow hard, as this is a launch that will always be able do and repeat …


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