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Can I go to this supermarket? This app tells you if there are a lot of people or not

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Can I go to this supermarket? This app tells you if there are a lot of people or not

The Portuguese tech4COVID19 movement launched yet another project: the application “Can I go?” aims to end queues at commercial establishments so that, when they move, consumers avoid crowds and are eventually more exposed to the new coronavirus.

The platform allows users to understand how the affluence is going to the various establishments that are in their vicinity, such as grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, in a list format or on a map, to prevent people from going to the spaces that are most busy at that moment. The objective is to promote social distance.

The update on the space capacity and the queues is made by the users themselves, who go on reporting how a certain establishment is doing. The partner entities of this platform can also do this, because they will have one of their employees responsible for maintaining the status of the queue updated.

At a time when it is important not to be in close contact with other people, even in places that we really need to visit to buy essential goods, we considered that a platform was needed to protect people from the large agglomerations in these establishments. That was how “May I go?” Came about, a technological solution to this problem, which allows choosing the commercial surfaces less conducive to the spread of COVID-19. ”, Says Luís Certo, one of the project's coordinators.

The application Can I go? will be available for IOS and Android operating system and is free. It is the latest project of the tech4COVID19 movement, which has already launched around 10 technological solutions to support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Portuguese movement has about 40 technological projects in progress, such as actions to improve the tracking of contagion networks, facilitate video calls between doctors and patients; create a support network for displaced doctors and nurses; create a chatbot to answer questions about the support granted by the state to companies, among others.

Tech4COVID19 was created by a group of founders from the Portuguese technological community to combat the new strain of coronavirus. There are more than 3500 people from the most varied areas.


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