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Chris Brown surprises with Lamborghini extra large

by ace
Chris Brown surprises with Lamborghini extra large

As usual among artists, Chris Brown has a relatively conservative taste in sports. He likes Ferrari and, above all, Lamborghini, but if he is traditional in relation to brands and models, the same is not the case with decorations and transformations, almost as bold as the lines of Italian sports.

Chris Brown owned a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a machine with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, an atmospheric 6.5 V12 engine with 750 hp and the ability to run at 350 km / h. But after painting it in all shapes and sizes, including with a Dragon Ball Z, the singer got tired and asked the Los Angeles RDBLA transformer to make the sports coupe more impactful.

The preparer's strategy was to cut the original fenders to mount extremely generous flares there. And they are more than necessary, since in addition to the spacers to widen the tracks, Brown wanted to mount some beautiful (and wide) Forgiato Wheels rims.

Chris Brown's Lamborghini was like that

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The entire body and wheels were then coated with film, in a strange color that is unlikely to make (a good) combination with a sports car with the race of an Aventador SuperVeloce. But RDBLA's specialty is “saddling the donkey at the owner's will” and this was definitely the popular singer's wish. Here's how it was done:

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