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Coimbra startup creates game about coronavirus

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Coimbra startup creates game about coronavirus

The Portuguese startup Mindflow, which manages a platform for creating question and answer games as a training technique for companies, used its software to take a quiz about the coronavirus. With more than 200 questions and 28 levels for the player to win, the objective of the company led by Lina Gomes was to create a game that “reduced excessive alarmism and demystified the issues surrounding the coronavirus”, as he told the Observer.

The game was launched this Monday for smartphones and to create the questions, the company used public information made available "by the General Directorate of Health, the World Health Organization and the British national health department".

In the first levels, people can easily perceive the right answer, but the difficulty increases, ”explains Lina Gomes.

This is currently the only free access quiz that Mindflow has in its app, Mindflow Academy (the others are created by companies and, therefore, are not accessible to everyone). To play, the user can download the application, available for the operating systems iOS and Android. then, register and enter the code COVID19 in order to start passing the levels. There is also the possibility to challenge other users. The more levels you pass, the more points you earn and the more you learn about how to take care of the coronavirus.

Lina Gomes had the idea to create this game on February 28th. On the same day he spoke with Bruno Caceiro, technological director and one of the company's partners, "who had had exactly the same idea". In all, of the five team members who are part of the startup, three were building the questions and answers for a week. However, a person could have taken just three days to take the same quiz on the Mindflow platform, says Lina Gomes, if she was just dedicated to the project.

The Mindflow platform has been developed “over the past five years” and is used by companies to create interactive forms for training actions through these question and answer games. “The logic of gamification and adaptive teaching”, explains Lina Gomes. That is, if a person makes a mistake, whoever builds the topics can create more similar questions and the system automatically starts asking more similar questions in order to facilitate learning.

Currently, Mindflow sells its platform to more than 16 countries and has partnerships with the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom, and the University of Paris, in France. The startup was created in 2011, in Coimbra, and is headquartered at Instituto Pedro Nunes.


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