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Complaints about postal services rise 18% in 2019 to 28 thousand, reveals Anacom

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Complaints about postal services rise 18% in 2019 to 28 thousand, reveals Anacom

Users of communications services presented 28 thousand complaints about postal services in 2019, 18% more than in the previous year, and complaints about electronic communications decreased by 1% to 71.8 thousand, Anacom announced this Monday.

In total, users of communications services presented around 100,600 complaints last year, representing a 4% increase compared to 2018, due to this growth “due to the increase in the volume of complaints about postal services”, he explained. , in a statement, the National Communications Authority (Anacom). According to the regulator, CTT was the provider with the most complaints, being the target of 83% of the total of 28 thousand complaints related to the postal sector in 2019 and having increased complaints by 12% compared to 2018, to 23 thousand. DPD followed, with 11% of total complaints, representing an increase of 55% over the same period last year.

The remaining operators represent 4% of complaints and, like DPD, have seen their weight increase in the sector's total complaints ”, warned Anacom.

In an analysis due to the complaint, the delay in delivery was the one that registered the highest percentage of complaints and also the one that increased the most in the postal sector (from 28% to 32% of total complaints). This was followed by the delivery of postal items at home (27%), namely the lack of attempted delivery, customer service (23%), complaints handling (18%) and the loss of postal items (12%) .

Customer service complaints, in the period under analysis, dropped to 23% of the total, three points less than in 2018, as well as complaints about customs clearance of personal objects, which went from 7% to 4%.

As for complaints about electronic communications services, Meo was, according to the regulator, the operator with the most complaints (36%), followed by NOS (32%), Vodafone (28%) and, finally, Nowo / Oni (4%).

Anacom added that only Meo recorded a decrease in the volume of complaints (21% to 26 thousand), with complaints about Vodafone increasing 34% to 19.9 thousand, followed by Nowo / Oni, with an additional 18% 2.7 thousand, and NOS, with a 4% increase to 23 thousand complaints.

The most demanded themes in this sector were, Anacom advances, billing (29%) and contracting services (25%).


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