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Coronavirus. 15 cars that stopped being manufactured in Spain

by ace
Coronavirus. 15 cars that stopped being manufactured in Spain

Spain is one of the world's leading car manufacturers, with production of close to 3 million vehicles per year, most of which are exported. The neighboring country is responsible for the manufacture of different models from various car manufacturers, which have to react to the way the coronavirus is spreading, either due to the local impact, in terms of human resources, or due to failures in the supply of components, without which manufacturing is called into question.

The list of manufacturing units that are temporarily closing in Spain is growing very quickly, with the effects necessarily arising therefrom regarding the increase in waiting time for new vehicles that are not in stock.

Renault, Nissan, Seat, Audi, Mercedes and Ford are among the brands affected by the pandemic, opting to suspend the manufacture of a total of 15 models. Although some indicate dates for the resumption of the productive routine, the reality is that the return to full normality is, for the moment, unforeseen. Check in the gallery above which models are temporarily "victimized" by the effects of Covid-19.

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