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Coronavirus. McLaren leaves F1 in Australia

by ace
Coronavirus. McLaren leaves F1 in Australia

This year's edition of the Formula 1 World Championship started under the threat of the coronavirus and, for the moment, the pandemic that came from China is proving to be substantially faster to spread than the maximum discipline bolides. motor sport. The first Grand Prix (GP) of the year should have been held in China, but fear of the coronavirus has suggested that the Chinese event should be rescheduled for an uncertain date, sometime during 2020.

Australia was the next GP, with the teams heading to Melbourne for this weekend's race. But that, too, is not going well. Not only does the country already have an important number of infected people, including celebrities such as actor Tom Hanks, who is at work there, but some members of the F1 circus reveal symptoms that triggered the alarms.

One of the most serious cases attacked the McLaren team, even though the drivers Carlos Sainz Jr and Lando Norris were not affected. However, one of the team's technicians felt bad and was declared infected with the coronavirus. The employee was quarantined at a local hospital, while the rest of the team, who contacted the infected person closely, chose to withdraw from the race so they could be tested and analyzed over the next few days.

But not only McLaren is talking about in Melbourne, since Haas is also waiting for the results of tests carried out on four of its technicians, with the American team announcing that it would withdraw from this positive. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the race organizers have been criticized by the public, the drivers and the teams for not having yet canceled the event, with the FIA ​​announcing that it continues to monitor with the authorities the evolution and the dimension of the problem. The first training session is scheduled for Friday, March 13.

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