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Covid-19. England begins deflation with reopening of pools and theaters …

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Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa contributes so that this information, essential for public clarification, is open and free for all to read

Santa Casa Misericórdia of Lisbon

This Saturday, England began to run out of pace, at a faster pace than the rest of the United Kingdom, with the resumption of theatrical performances and outdoor swimming pools, while it plans to make the use of a mask in closed spaces mandatory.

According to the agency EFE, several outdoor swimming pools in London welcomed the first visitors this Saturday, who had to make reservations online to enter. Other equipment, on the other hand, decided to postpone the opening to prepare their facilities in view of the needs required due to covid-19.

Collective sports aficionados can also practice them again, including cricket, an activity that has many followers among the British.

Beauty salons, tattoos and spas may open again from Monday and gyms, sports centers and indoor pools from 25 July.

Boris Johnson’s executive also allowed theatrical shows to be held, as long as they are outdoors, with a limited audience and respecting the safety distance.

The government is planning to make masks in stores mandatory with the aim of being “stricter” by insisting that citizens cover their nose and mouth in tight spaces and in contact with other people.

This measure, according to government sources quoted by the local press, may come into force in the coming weeks.


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