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Dão launches campaign to support the restoration and wines of the region

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The Dão Regional Wine Commission (CVR) has launched a campaign to encourage portuguese to support the region’s restaurants and wines in a period of deconfinement. Directed to the national market, the campaign “PortugueseS Dão a Volta” results from the readaptation of the plan for promotion of Dão wines idealized for this year, due to the Pandemic of Covid-19.

“We made a pun with our designation of origin, which is Dão,” CVR Dão President Arlindo Cunha told Lusa, adding that Dão wine will help “to gain momentum for this return to normality.”

According to the official, the last few months have been “very difficult for wine producers, especially bottlers (farm wines), who sold on the Horeca channel”, which covers hotels, restaurants and cafes. “This channel was completely stopped for two months and now it’s recovering very slowly,” he said.

Arlindo Cunha said that “in May and April, the reduction in sales compared to the previous year was around 30%,” but the percentage is different in the various segments.

“Of the various market segments, the wines that were most affected were precisely those sold in the Horeca channel, that is, bottled wines of medium and higher range”, he explained.

The responsible recalled that this channel “sold a lot of wine to tourists who were circulating” in Portugal.

“In this segment of wines of middle and higher category, we had a lot of exports, but the pandemic also affected our main markets, which were essentially the United States and Brazil. All this combined, gave this very negative impact”, he lamented.

The campaign will be in place for the next few months.

Given their variety and complexity, Dão wines are considered ideal for gastronomic harmonization and to be shared at the table.


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