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Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

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Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

There are four months to go before summer, but the bikini operation (choosing the outfit, not the fitness one) is officially open. THE Cantê, a pioneer brand in the dissemination of Portuguese swimwear, has already launched the new collection. Inspired by the paradisiacal landscape of Trancoso, located in Bahia, the new models are a festival of color, with a predominance of roses, blues and lilacs. Flowers are also a hit of the season, coated prints and exoticism. Prices range from 95.90 to 110 euros. This year, the collection comes with a range of accessories – bags, purses, ribbons and scrunchies – with prices between 3.80 and 52.90 euros. Those who do not feel the call of the bathing season, at least for now, have another brand launch available.

© Cantê

Cooking may well be one of those urgent urges and this store, which exists exclusively online, gathers everything you may need, from the most basic mandoline to the most specific of the silicone shapes. It's called Mimo Cook, it's a world, but if you want to see other options you always have the El Corte Inglés and the In & Out Cooking.

Brittany-style sailor stripes are back. The inspiration may be French, but the Le Mot is a brand with design and production in Portugal. The new spring collection has just been launched, with long sleeves and three red embroidery options. Prices vary between 62 and 68 euros.

The name needs no introduction, not least because the most important thing is to know that La Redoute is committed to selling the winter collection, be it clothes and accessories, furniture and decoration. During this week – the so-called “Semana da Sorte” -, at the season discounts, which in some articles exceed 50%, an extra 13% was added.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© La Redoute

THE Sephora skincare line welcomes new products – a body moisturizer with catiré butter, an illuminating body cream, a firming and illuminating face cream, a body scrub with brown sugar, a self-tanning facial gel, an illuminating facial moisturizer and a night mask. The best part is that this line of the French chain keeps prices affordable, up to 19.90 euros.

Stores like this can be real bottomless pits, which means that to clear the bush in search of possible finds requires a generous dose of patience and determination. When, in March, the balances reach 60%, then the incentive is doubled. THE promotion covers clothing, footwear and accessories, from party looks to items to take to the gym.

Here are three houses specializing in what we commonly call technology, from high-end computers to small accessories. Even in March, there is always a discount or two. THE PC Say has a selection of smartphone cases, powerbanks, mice, keyboards and other accessories on sale, the percentages exceed 40%. At PC Components, the dose is repeated, with special attention to the Gaming Days campaign. For larger investments, the GMS Store has generous promotions – 45% off MacBook 12 ″ and iPad Pro 10.5 ″ and 44% off iPad Pro 12.9 ″.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© Apple

The scenario is favorable to new acquisitions for the library, just take a tour of the main online bookstores. At Bertrand, on purchases equal to or greater than 40 euros made until March 15, customers get a 25% discount to use the following week. At Wook, also until March 15, there is a selection of titles with discounts up to 50%. The promotion is repeated in Fnac, but lasts until March 23.

Under the guise of turning years, Vertbaudet has a 30% discount on a selection of over 5,500 articles. Exchanging this for kids (no pun intended), it means that there are clothes, decoration accessories, toys, small furniture and even clothing for pregnant women at bargain prices. The campaign runs until March 24.

The pretext is Father's Day, but the discount is for everyone. THE Green Footprint decided to mark the date with the new Star Wars edition of KeepCup. These reusable cups are 30% off and you can always choose your favorite character – Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader or BB-8. The prices range from 12.53 to 20.23 euros.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© KeepCup

The platform brings together dozens of Portuguese brands and designers and announces, these days, a campaign of discounts of up to 50% on dozens of pieces for women, men and children. The selection of Minty Square includes creations by Luís Carvalho, Duarte, Carla Pontes, Carolina Machado and Elsa Barreto.

It was good while it lasted, but the project Hut will even have a full stop. The store of decoration and lifestyle products strips customers with a closing promotion. From stationary to ceramic objects, from guides to coffee table books, from wooden toys to leather articles – in some cases discounts reach 50%. And enjoy.

Italian silk ties for 24 euros, Carhartt hats for 31 euros, an iPhone case by Chiara Ferragni for 18, an Adidas swimsuit for 19 – not everything sold in Farfetch it costs the eyes of the guy. In the "Clearence" tab, you can find discounts that can exceed 50%, leaving pieces of major brands slightly more accessible to the pockets of the common mortal. If you have a budget that saves you from such stinginess, ignore the previous phrases – Gucci's Psychedelic Collection has just been launched on the Portuguese platform. In the women's section, the new versions of the Versace jungle dress are now available (the most expensive is only 5,707 euros). These days, the men's section highlights a selection of spectacular cardigans.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© Farfetch

The platform is Portuguese and wants to be a source of alternatives to plastic products and non-natural materials that exist on the market. From tutorials to day-to-day advice, the Mind The Trash is the online store for those who want to review less ecological habits. Organic cosmetics, biodegradable packaging, wooden utensils and reusable objects. The same philosophy is shared by other Portuguese projects – also take a look at the Organii and the Maria Granel.

Although they have a shop set up in Lisbon, these girls (the Les Filles) started in e-commerce. And there they continue, with Portuguese brands like Alexandra Moura and Marques’Almeida, and international designers like Lazy Oaf and Andres Gallargo. The hard part is resisting Karen Mabon's scarves, look, they are discounted.

The proposal is to take a few minutes of solitary navigation to explore three Portuguese brands of accessories, whose point is exclusively online. Starting with Cinco Store, where the most basic chains and statement earrings, always with a classic design, try the most irreducible of customers. The pieces are in silver or gold plated. If you are in a pearl stage, then take a look at Alice & Co. These days, the brand's threads, bracelets, earrings and rings adhere to what is one of the trends of the moment. The trio is complete with Hey Harper, gold finish basics tailored to all styles.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© Alice & Co

Thinking of the little ones, there are Portuguese brands that you have to know. Starting with Wolf & Rita, who is not happy with the variety of dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets and pants, also launched a small collection of decorations. In a more minimal register, the Cherry Papaya is about to launch the first summer pieces. Exclusively for girls, check out the Carlota Bernabé, you will find fingers crossed to find your size.

Buying online has the power to distance distance and, therefore, you can explore new brands that never opened stores on national soil. The first one we talk about is the Japanese Uniqlo, that of the famous chubby wishes that, almost miraculously, shrink and fit in a corner of the suitcase. Minimal clothing, comfortable knits and technical materials (even in Japanese style) are the specialties of the brand, which has just launched another collaboration with JW Anderson. Meanwhile, there are three brands that the H&M group keeps away from Portugal, the most recent being Arket, minimal and sophisticated wardrobe, which gives special attention to the choice of materials, namely recycled. Again, keep an eye on the meshes and the mid-season sales, of course. With a touch of romanticism and dedicated exclusively to women's fashion, & Other Stories it is also on sales. At Monki, the options are younger and more urban and with a focus on body diversity. Count on collaborations with artists and illustrators and a good dose of humor and irony.

The world of beauty products is complex, we know, and if we are not limited to brands and products for sale in Portugal, then there is a landscape as far as the eye can see. Take note of these three online stores with deliveries to our country: The Green Beauty Concept, with dozens of brands and a selection of organic cosmetics, including product options for mothers and babies; already the British Cult Beauty focuses more on make-up – brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Alpha-H, Aesop, Morphe and Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop are part of the sample; and Deciem, a smaller scale selection but with all the premium products that one or a beauty freak has always dreamed of.

Discounts, new collections and Portuguese brands. An online shopping guide

© The Green Beauty Concept

Have you heard of Underdogs? In addition to the exhibitions, this gallery keeps on sale a series of works by the artists who passed through there. Wasted Rita, Maria Imaginário, André da Loba, Francisco Vidal, AkaCorleone, MaisMenos, Add Fuel and Vhils himself, among others, make up the collection of national authors with works for sale online. Dedicated to illustration and, more recently, ceramics, O Gallery is another must-see for anyone looking for the perfect image for …


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