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Do not use ethyl alcohol. Learn how to disinfect your phone, tablet and computer

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Do not use ethyl alcohol. Learn how to disinfect your phone, tablet and computer

Use isopropyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol, have the equipment turned off and do not put water directly on top of the devices. These are some of the recommendations of manufacturers of technological products for disinfecting equipment. Quickly, we explain how to clean your smartphone, tablet or computer. Before and after, don't forget – as recommended by DGS – wash the hands.

In wake up with a statement from Apple, which is followed in the content by other brands, such as Samsung, there are some recommendations that you need to take into account before cleaning technological equipment. It is important that you do not use ethyl alcohol or other liquids, as they may damage the device. Follow these steps:

  • When cleaning, use a soft cloth (like those for glasses), that is, no towels or absorbent paper;
  • Turn off the equipment and disconnect it from any cable it is connected to;
  • When you start cleaning, you should not rub too hard on any surface to avoid damaging the appliance;
  • Do not use aerosol sprays;
  • Never use bleach;
  • Do not have liquids near you while disinfecting to avoid accidents;

Everything ready? Start by putting a little bit of isopropyl alcohol – this type of alcohol is available for sale offline and online on various surfaces, such as supermarkets and pharmacies or electronic equipment companies – and clean the dirtiest smooth parts of the equipment. If you don't have this type of alcohol, disinfectant wipes made with isopropyl alcohol may be a solution, but they are more difficult to find on sale.

If you are disinfecting a smartphone or similar device, pay special attention to the cable entry for the earphones or the speakers (if liquids get in or if humidity is not good for the device). Prevent the product from entering these holes. To make it easier, use only the tip of the cloth to gently wipe with your finger.

As for the equipment screen, just the cloth is slightly damp and with the alcohol already mentioned (not too much, just a little) to clean the dirt and disinfect.

If your concern is the covers of the equipment, they can be washed with soap and water. Attention, if the cover is leather, it can change color when cleaning. And yet another recommendation: do not over-disinfect or clean the equipment as this can damage them.

After all, you already know how to wash your hands as recommended by the Directorate-General for Health.

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