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€ 30,000 and imprisonment for those who shoot an e-bike

by ace
€ 30,000 and imprisonment for those who shoot an e-bike

Electric motors are simpler, smaller and cheaper, so someone with some knowledge on the subject can replace a bicycle unit with a more powerful one. The operation may aim to aim to move at a brighter pace, or simply to compensate for the more generous weight of the cyclist, but not all countries welcome these DIY operations.

The French passed law L317-1, designed to punish anyone who “vitamins” their electric bicycle. The fine is € 30,000, which not only exceeds the price of the bike, but will discourage anyone from transgressing. As if that were not enough, the legislation also provides for a year in prison.

But the French authorities were not satisfied with the € 30,000 and the year in prison for the user of the “kit” bicycle. They also predicted that the cyclist, if he has a driving license, can be inhibited from driving for a period of up to three years. And also the company or the person who actively participates in the transformation of the battery-powered bicycle is "invited" to reinforce the state coffers with € 30,000, in addition to applying to spend two years in the local prison.

The speed limit for e-bikes in France is 25 km / h, although there is a special class in which these vehicles can reach 45 km / h. The cyclists of these pedal vehicles with electric support complain that at 25 km / h they are systematically surpassed by the other cyclists without an electric motor helping, who do not have to respect any speed limit.

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