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Elisa and Marta Carvalho, winners of the Song Festival: “It's strange people …

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Elisa and Marta Carvalho, winners of the Song Festival: “It's strange people ...

Elisa and Marta Carvalho were thrilled after winning the Song Festival. The theme "Fear of Feeling", composed by Marta, 21 years old, and Elisa, 20, was the winning song of the RTP musical contest and the duo will represent Portugal this year at the Eurovisão da Canção Festival. After the victory, the pair performed a small question and answer session with journalists. Both confessed to be moved:

We were not expecting this to happen. We are still young … Sorry I am not speaking louder but I have no voice, it is being very emotional, winning, having stepped on the stage that all the other people we liked so much stepped on… ”, started by pointing out Elisa, who interprets the theme composed by Marta Carvalho.

The author of the theme, Marta Carvalho, was pleased to have chosen Elisa as an interpreter: “Only she could sing this song. You deserve a lot (he said, already looking at Elisa). I still can't believe it, I did my whole life singing, despite writing songs a long time ago ”, he said.

The song, said the composer, was born “from a conversation we had on the day we met, we were talking about past experiences and we realized that we were both thinking of a fear of feeling. We thought it made a good song ”. It even happened, judging by the voting public that will take them to Eurovision, a musical contest that takes place in May, in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Questioned by journalists, Elisa confessed that the phase in which she was watching the voting process was “terrible” and explained why: “I thought I was going to pass out. I’m very bad at math, I couldn’t see far in the distance, only then did we realize. We were outside of ourselves, really. I don't even remember the exact moment, I remember that people got up all over and that's when I thought: ok, now I'm going to pass out ”.


Mentioning that because they are “young and so young” they may not have been taken so seriously, Marta Carvalho defended the work for the Song Festival: “We have a team, we are not alone and it was months and months of work, of rehearsals, work on arrangements, with the song producer… ”

Questioned by the Observer, they consider it significant that this is the second time in the last three years that the victory goes to a woman who composes for another female interpreter (and had previously beaten Luísa Sobral as a composer, in a theme sung by her brother Salvador Sobral), in a music industry and in a country where for a long time it was more common for men to compose for women, Marta Carvalho replied: “The fact that a woman composes is always respected. It is strange that people are amazed by this ”.

At the Festival da Canção, the author of “Fear of Sentir” pointed out, she has seen “more women composing, more and more women are also entering the Portuguese industry. In studios it is not always like this. This is not the topic that I will talk about most because I think the most important thing to change this is really what we do on a daily basis, do more than talk, but I think it is something important and it is something that is changing ”.


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