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Emotional health and wellness startup captures investment of 2.6 million …

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Emotional health and wellness startup captures investment of 2.6 million ...

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Zenklub received an investment of 2.6 million euros to finance the expansion of the online emotional health platform in Portugal, during this pandemic. The financing operation was led by the Portuguese fund of Indico Capital Partners and counted on the participation of the Spanish All Iron fund, the SME Investimentos 200M financing line and several Brazilian executives linked to the health and insurance sector, announces Indico in a statement.

The investment aims to increase the number of people with access to emotional health care during the Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing. Headquartered in São Paulo (in Brazil), the platform was launched by the Portuguese José Simões and Rui Brandão to help people live life with purpose regardless of where they are.

The Covid-19 crisis has drastically altered the routines of all of us, which creates anxiety, depression, panic syndrome and other psychosomatic illnesses. The search for emotional health solutions has been growing and with the onset of the crisis the online solution has become evident. Our mission has always been to democratize access to emotional health and, in the current context of isolation and economic hardship, our purpose is more relevant than ever ”.

Zenklub's platform offers options that help in the personal development of patients, they are the “Journeys of Self-Knowledge”, as well as online therapy sessions with psychologists, psychoanalysts, holistic therapists and own content such as articles, tests and exercises, both for the sphere both personal and professional.

Stephan Morais, director general of Indico said that after the fund led the first round in the seed phase (very early), he realized that “the team knew how to execute the plan” and that this was a “perfect” moment for the company. Currently, Zenklub has an accredited network of 400 specialists and uses technology and artificial intelligence systems.

The needs of this type of online service were already great, now they are obvious. The world's largest companies are providing this type of support to their employees and Brazil will not be an exception. In fact, in Brazil, insurance companies already cover online consultations and this is the way in all countries. We are committed to continuing to support the Zenklub team in the expansion also in Portugal and later to other countries. The market for this service is huge, ”he added.

With this investment round, the Portuguese-Brazilian startup intends to consolidate itself as a leader in the online market for emotional health in both countries, betting not only on tools and technology, but also on proprietary content. In Brazil, the focus will be on the business segment, promoting emotional health as a benefit for customers and employees. In Portugal, the company will focus on the final consumer and expand the technology team based in Lisbon.

Indico Capital Partners recently announced the launch of an investment and acceleration program for startups in partnership with Google, but this investment comes in the wake of the 2019 round at Zenklub. With 54 million euros committed, this fund aims to identify, invest and capitalize the most promising Iberian startups and invests between 150 thousand and five million euros per company.


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