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#euficoemcasa and #travaracurva. Movements multiply on the internet to avoid …

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#euficoemcasa and #travaracurva. Movements multiply on the internet to avoid ...

The scale spread of Covid-19 and the lack of awareness that populations have shown in relation to the subject has already led to the creation of movements on social networks that call for all people to take measures to avoid contagion. The main slogans are #euficoemcasa and #travaracurva.

The curve that cybernauts intend to stop is the same curve that the French Minister of Health drew live on French television, according to El País. "A picture is worth a thousand words," said Olivier Véran, when he drew a graph summarizing the global strategy against the new coronavirus: trying to stop the epidemic curve.

The Minister of Health painted a steep mountain to represent the number of people infected with coronavirus in a short time and then drew a horizontal line to mark the capacity of hospitals. According to the drawing, if the peak of the epidemic exceeds the ceiling, it could cause the health system to collapse. Then, he drew a smaller mountain, but with a more extensive base to represent the objective that needs to be achieved: “Always be below the saturation threshold, so that the epidemic is less violent and intense”.

Goal number one: flatten the coronavirus curve https://t.co/fQkLvxs7vG pic.twitter.com/SmeIWLHUH2

– Materia (@materia_ciencia) March 11, 2020

Image taken from Twitter

The civil awareness movement for self-isolation first appeared in Italy, a European country with the most cases of infection with the new coronovirus so far, through the hashtag “#LoRestoACasa”. There were several celebrities who joined and called on people to stay in their homes as a way to protect themselves and prevent the spread of others, among them Laura Pausini, Paolo Sorrentino, Tziano Ferro and Chiara Ferragni.

Image taken from Instagram

Singer Laara Pausili posted on her official Twitter account asking the Italian population to be calm, given the seriousness of the situation.

Ragazzi, non c'è da farsi arrendere dal panico, but it is important to get the situation right and it will be serious. Per il bene vostro and his persone to cuete tenete, state the house, no muovetevi if not strictly necessary. Protezione tra esseri Simili is now showing it! #IoRestoACasa pic.twitter.com/zfqN4TB5iw

– Laura Pausini (@LauraPausini) March 8, 2020

Image taken from Twitter

In Spain, more than 31,000 tweets were published with the hashtag “#YoMeQuedoEnCasa” (I stay at home) calling attention to the importance of people isolating themselves. The other motto used was exactly “#FrenarLaCurva” (stop the curve), which had about 60,000 publications. Hashatags such as “#YoElijoSerResponsable” (I choose to be responsible), “#YoElijoSalvarVidas” (I choose to save lives) and “# QuédateEnCasa” (stay at home) were other created with the intention of promoting social awareness against the spread of the new coronavirus.

# COVID_19 #QuedateEnCasa

???????????? pic.twitter.com/EEfeaYaPhv

– ANA I.GarcíaSandoval (@ANARUBEN) March 12, 2020

#quedateencasa Please pic.twitter.com/8Sb85vIujf

– Macarena Vidal (@Macchinetta) March 12, 2020

My priests and I are going to spend a time without being able to see my sister, a primary care physician, so that there is no possible contagion. Doctors have been asked to have their only human contact with patients. We also have to be responsible #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

– Susana Hidalgo (@Susahidalgo) March 12, 2020

Ante el #Coronavirus ????

???? Sensibility, self-help to help stop the epidemic ???? ‍ ????
???? Seriedad, if you had any symptoms in ????.
⚠️Safety, do not go to places with agglomerations
???? Solidarity, YOU can help to frenarlo@sanidadgob ????#yoelijoserresponsable #FFpatient pic.twitter.com/sPLGv0uP9l

– Pedro Soriano (@soriano_p) March 12, 2020

Ni gym
Ni library
Ni park
Ni entrenamientos
Ni cumpleanos
Ni agglomerations
Ni cine
Ni bar
Ni visits personas de riesgo
Ni trips#FrenarLaCurva

If you have any symptoms, NO VAYAS TO EMERGENCY unless saved. Call enabled phones. NO home salting.

– Gemma del Caño (@farmagemma) March 11, 2020

I just canceled all my misplanes for this weekend. When I went to Barcelona and I wanted to give my love to Facetime. For civility, we salt it just. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

– Nuria Marín (@nuriasecret) March 12, 2020

I have symptoms, I don't know how they feel, but #YoMeQuedoEnCasa out of civility. My social plans were canceled out of respect and solidarity with medical teams.
Do not cazurr @ s and apprechad to read, study, watch pelis, play with LOL … ya habrá tiempo to salir.

– Mario Marzo (@Mr_Marzo) March 12, 2020

???????? He canceled my travel by curro.
???????? Estoy working from home.
???????? He left to go to the gym.
???????? He postponed a project in which I will be working for months because it implied movement.
???????? He canceled a trip to see my family.

NO ES MIEDO, es #FrenarLaCurva

How are you?

– Oihan (@__Oihan) March 12, 2020

Residents in Madrid: it is very possible that we have the coronavirus.

We move it less posible.

If you want your family to NOT come to see her. #FrenarLaCurva

– María del Vigo (@mdelvigo) March 12, 2020

Everybody wants to lie down in bed instead of going to work and the time DEBERÍAS HACERLO takes you to the bar to drink some water.

Do not leave me alone and quedate at home. It is not difficult. My eyes are happy that I am moving on a sole throughout the day. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa pic.twitter.com/I18oq3n2mf

– Nekane Flisflisher. (@flisflisher) March 12, 2020

Gilbert's bueno had all of them at home during Cacería to stop at the liarla. Haz like Gilbert. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa pic.twitter.com/FwNVlMRjkO

– Victor thinks that: (@Afilamazas) March 12, 2020

La Cuarentena is going to be a little boring but it's very necessary. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa and have the patience and keep the good mood! pic.twitter.com/fUX25FXWZD

– Bety Peich (@betypeich) March 12, 2020

I open hilo:
We recommend exciting books for these days of responsible recovery.
Empiezo yo: “Doña Flor y sus dos husbands” by Jorge Amado. Divertidísimo, sinvergonzón, tierno, with muchísimas plots. #yomequedoencasa

– Ignacia (@ignaciadepano) March 12, 2020

With so much time at home we can see all of our video straps #YoMeQuedoEnCasa pic.twitter.com/phJqrvh02d

– Yo fuí a EGB (@YofuiaEGB) March 12, 2020

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