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Europe travel suspended (less from UK) and financial relief for …

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Europe travel suspended (less from UK) and financial relief for ...

In a late communication that The New York Times considers until “rare”, President Donald Trump went to the country when the hands of the clock were past 9:00 pm in Washington DC From the Oval Office in the White House, the American president was “confident” that the USA – where 1,281 people are already infected and 36 fatalities – will stop the outbreak of the new coronavirus, a "horrible virus". But he announced that he had to take "strong but necessary" and "unprecedented" measures.

First of all, suspend all travel from Europe to the United States in the next 30 days – with the exception of the United Kingdom, where there are already more than 400 people infected. These restrictions take effect from this Friday and will be readjusted according to developments in the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Europe. The president added that measures are still being evaluated for products coming from Europe to the United States.

"I am confident that by continuing to take these difficult measures, we will significantly reduce the threat to our citizens and defeat this virus quickly," said the president.

Internally, Trump guaranteed financial relief to Americans infected with the new coronavirus. “To ensure that American workers affected by the virus can return home without fear of financial difficulties, we will soon be taking unprecedented emergency measures to ensure financial relief. This will be applied to sick workers, quarantined or taking care of others, due to the coronavirus. I am going to ask Congress to take steps to extend this (financial) relief, ”explained Trump, immediately trying to reassure Americans that“ this is not a financial crisis ”.

"This is just a temporary moment that we will overcome as a nation and as a world," he said.

The president also announced that he will give instructions to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a US government agency that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs. “From now on, the SBA will start granting loans in the affected states and territories. These low-interest loans will help small businesses overcome temporary disruptions caused by the virus, ”explained Trump, adding that he will ask Congress for a $ 50 billion budget increase from the SBA in an attempt to prevent this outbreak from having too much impact. negative impact on the United States economy.

To the Congress, Trump also said that he left another appeal: that tax reduction measures be approved, calling for an "aggressive and understandable effort" to fight the virus.

Donald Trump considered the new coronavirus to be a “horrible virus”

Trump also revealed that health insurance companies have agreed to exempt users from payments for coronavirus treatments and to extend insurance coverage to cover them. "We are organizing all the power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people," he said.

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