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Five municipalities in the Algarve with a networked cultural program for two years

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Five municipalities in the Algarve with a networked cultural program for two years

This Monday, five municipalities in the central zone of the Algarve presented a networked cultural programming project that will provide more than 50 events, national and international, over two years, involving local populations.

“It is intended to foster and deepen collaborative practices, the circulation of spectators in the territory and a greater diversification of the cultural offer, both for the resident population and for cultural tourism”, revealed Dália Paulo, coordinator of Central Artes – Cultural Programming in Network, during the presentation of the project, in Loulé, in the district of Faro.

The program includes 11 shows with international and national companies – in Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Albufeira -, focusing on creative training and interaction with the public through workshops and a community-based program that directly involves communities through the creation and presentation of shows.

That official defended that a networked cultural program “must be linked to the territory, its identity and its communities”, therefore, this project will involve people, making them “go on stage” and feel “the sweat and tears ”of artistic life and how these experiences can“ make a difference in their lives ”, he illustrated.

The start of the program is scheduled for March 12, the first day of a set of three workshops dedicated to the construction of sound instruments from vegetables, promoted by the Austrian group The Vegetable Orchestra.

The final result will be presented in a concert at Mercado da Ribeira, in Tavira, on the 14th, at 21.30, and in the end, the members of the orchestra will distribute a soup of fresh vegetables made by themselves.

On May 12, the first of five shows with national groups is scheduled, with the trio A Presença das Formigas approaching traditional and popular Portuguese music with influences from jazz, classical and world music, at the Cineteatro Louletano.

On May 16, a tour of architecture takes place at 5 Espaços, in Faro, at 6 pm, at Companhia Instável, where five choreographers were inspired by the themes of sustainability, food and local traditions in a contemporary perspective. The morning is dedicated to a contemporary dance workshop in urban spaces.

The Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira receives the voice and accordion of Celina da Piedade, on May 23, at 9:30 pm, but there will also be two Alentejo singing workshops promoted by the artist during the afternoon.

The company PIA – Artistic Intervention Projects – is responsible for the installation 'Passagem', in the Jardim da Igreja de S. Francisco, in Tavira, on May 30th at 6pm.

The motto of the show is the story of four old travelers who walk in a universe of suspended objects, where, through the memories of the past, they find the beginning of a new journey. The same day, on May 29, the same company held two mask building workshops.

The musical formation Olive Tree Dance ends the 2020 concerts with the presentation of their latest work, “Water Return”, at Praça Agadir, in Olhão, on May 31 at 6:30 pm.

Throughout the day the band organizes workshops on drums, body percussion, didgeridoo and percussion.

This year's program ends with sessions under the theme “Pinto-me dancing”, to be held in the five municipalities with sessions for children and young people and others for adults.

The project activities are free to access in all municipalities and dynamized, not only in closed spaces, but also in different external contexts, according to the format of each show.

For 2021, five shows are scheduled with the participation of the community, five with international companies – from Brazil, France, Germany, Spain and Italy – and 20 workshops.

The project is a joint initiative of five municipalities in the Central Algarve as part of an application made to the Regional Operational Program of the Algarve (CRESC Algarve 2020), whose funding is 400 thousand euros.


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