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French President Emmanuel Macron's party loses seven more deputies with new …

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French President Emmanuel Macron's party loses seven more deputies with new ...

The French President's party, Emmanuel Macron, lost seven more deputies this Tuesday due to a split in the liberal wing, a week after losing a majority in the National Assembly with the departure of several elected from the left wing.

The seven deputies who leave the parliamentary group of the A República em Marcha (LREM) party will remain as militants, but join another parliamentary group, of the Agir party, led by the Minister of Culture, Frank Riester.

With the entrance of LREM deputies, who join the 10 of Agir, the group changes its name to Agir Em Conjunto (Agir Ensemble).

This is the second split in En Marche in a week, after, on May 19, seven deputies from the left wing and the party's environmentalist joined the new parliamentary group Ecology Democracy Solidarity (EDS).

With the new split, the LREM is eight deputies from the absolute majority (289) in the National Assembly of France, the lower house of parliament, which has more power than the Senate.

Analysts have advanced in recent days that the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, was behind this new split, in an attempt to show political strength at a time when Macron would prepare to replace him.

But Édouard Philippe denied, in a parliamentary meeting, any association with what happened.

Among the members of the new group is Mrs Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo, considered close to the prime minister, whom she succeeded in the Le Havre city hall.

“We are a party that will clearly support the President, without ambiguity, but in a vigilant way”, said the deputy to the EFE agency, specifying that the group is “center-right” and that it broke with the centrists because they “did not were clear ”in supporting the government.

Also part of the group is MP Valérie Petit, also close to Édouard Philippe, who accuses Macron of “not listening to the liberal proposals that were decisive for his electoral victory”.

Petit, also heard by EFE, says that the departure of the LREM aims to consolidate the rightmost wing of the “macronismo”, but ensures that the group will be loyal to the President.

Emmanuel Macron should count on the support of this new group for the approval of legislation, as well as the 46 centrist of Modem, with whom he has a government alliance and with which he comfortably surpasses the absolute majority.


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