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From Porsche to VW and from Skoda to Porsche

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From Porsche to VW and from Skoda to Porsche

The German publication Auto Motor und Sport (AMS) was the one to lift the veil. Reuters echoed, reporting a shower of changes within the Volkswagen Group, at the level of top executives. Herbert Diess, who has hitherto accumulated the position of CEO of the group under the direction of the Volkswagen brand, now focuses exclusively on the management of the German consortium. It leaves the leadership of the main brand of the group, Volkswagen, vacant, a place that will be assumed by Oliver Blume, until now CEO of Porsche.

According to AMS sources, which the magazine does not identify, Blume will have as a priority mission to help solve the software problems that affect the VW ID.3 and the new Golf. It should be recalled that Porsche, which Blume drove, was accused by former Audi CEO Bram Schot of not doing an exemplary job in the development of the PPE platform, to be used by the group's luxury electric vehicles, information that was conveyed by another German publication, Manager Magazin.

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Volkswagen has traditionally been run by the same executive who is also CEO of the group, as was the case so far with Diess, since the size and weight of the main brand of the consortium are decisive for the viability of the other brands. Just remember, for example, that Volkswagen produced and supported the development of models such as the Phaeton, so that the so-called luxury brands did not have to make such a heavy investment, the same having happened with the Touareg. In practical terms, it is the fact that VW pays the bill that makes brands like Porsche and Lamborghini so profitable.

For the position of Porsche CEO, Bernhard Maier, responsible until now for Skoda, goes on what will be a homecoming for the German executive. AMS reminds that Maier, before heading Skoda, played the role of Porsche sales director.

Less good news is for Volkswagen's marketing director, Jochen Sengpiehl, who will be leaving the group. According to the German publication, Sengpiehl, who was recently criticized for having approved a brand ad on Instagram, accused of being racist, will be forced to leave.


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