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Generating social impact through technology

by ace
Generating social impact through technology

In 2015, with some years of experience in the digital marketing area, I was working on several online projects. Our focus was on customers, advertising agencies and, of course, above all generating profit for the company. Thinking of new ways to attract more customers, create interesting products, reach more audiences and sell, sell, sell, occupied a large part of my life.

Whoever works in marketing knows how this constant need to reach all goals and reach more goals puts us in a state of effervescent adrenaline, which so much bubbles up in strength to go further, and wears us down to the last bit of energy, in the incessant search for profit.

Marketing was a path that I chose even in high school and early I prepared myself for the adversities that I would have to face with this choice of mine. I was ready to work on this vicious cycle for several decades, but that year everything changed. Unexpectedly, the opportunity arose to work at a startup focused on generating social impact and, by accepting this proposal, I also accepted a new way of life.

At the age of 26, I never imagined working in the third sector, but thinking that what I did every day, in addition to generating profit, could improve the life of someone who needed help, gave me a new purpose, new goals and a new way of seeing my own life and the people around me.

About 5 years ago, when I joined as Head of Marketing for eSolidar, I couldn't imagine the huge challenge that lay ahead. More than generating value with marketing, what started to move me were the social causes that crossed my path.

Stories like those of families with children with various physical limitations who struggle, every day, to reach the monthly value necessary for treatments or people who care for mistreated animals, offering not only their time and affection, but often, money from their own family budget to meet basic needs, showed me how important the role of technology is in helping those most in need and how it generates social impact at various levels.

Through digital tools it is possible to train solidarity institutions to obtain the necessary funds to survive and improve the living conditions of those they represent, as well as promoting their social causes to a comprehensive and global audience, 24 hours a day, uninterrupted.

By providing visibility and sharing information on social causes, technology also helps to change behaviors and bring people together around similar social ideals.

It is through technology that many people who face the same problems find the support and answers they need, without any geographical restriction to limit access to information.

Companies have already realized that they have an important social role to play in society and the number of organizations that use technology to help causes is growing.

Being socially responsible brings many benefits not only to those who are helped, but also to those who help, since it increases the positive and collaborative presence in society, creates greater involvement with its employees, retains talent and improves the positioning and recognition of the brand.

More than being socially conscious, it is not possible to express with words how gratifying it is to receive videos of the evolution of people with physical difficulties or messages of affection from associations, thanking them for the help they received through digital tools. It is each of these small great achievements that make me work every day with a huge smile on my lips and an enormous desire to want to do more and better.

Working to generate social impact is to build a more positive future, knowing that every little action I take makes a difference and helps to build a more just and happy world.

Cátia Costa is 30 years old, graduated in marketing and has worked with several of the biggest online communities in Portugal, currently she is Marketing Director of the startup eSolidar – a social impact platform for companies, institutions and communities.

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