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Google will go on to pay for content to some social media

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Google will go on to pay for content to some social media

Google on Thursday announced a program through which it will pay some media to share their content on the “News” and “Discover” services, a measure the media had been demanding for years.

In a post on the company’s official blog, The Vice President for Product Management of “News”, Brad Bender, explained that the program will be launched “later this year” and will initially involve the Associated Diaries of Brazil, the German group Der Spiegel and Solstice Media of Australia, followed by publications in other parts of the world.

According to Bender, the idea is to help the media “monetize their content through an enriched experience of newstelling that allows people to immerse themselves in complex stories, be informed and exposed to a world of different issues and interests.”

The company said that , “whenever possible”, it will offer to pay the media for content that is normally only accessible by subscription, so people can visit them for free through Google portals.

“This will allow publishing companies to increase their readership and create an opportunity for people to read content they wouldn’t normally see,” the company said.

For years, the media around the world have demanded that governments and the judiciary in their respective countries force the search engine company to compensate them financially for sharing their content, something that Google has so far resisted.


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