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Guardianship asks film and audiovisual producers to think more …

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Guardianship asks film and audiovisual producers to think more ...

The Secretary of State for Cinema, Audiovisual and Media, Nuno Artur Silva, appealed this Thursday to producers to think “in a more open way”, to seek funding in “international contacts” to whom they present “winning stories”.

We are not experiencing a golden age of audiovisual in Portugal. We are experiencing an opportunity on a path that can begin now ”, said Nuno Artur Silva, at the end of the sixth Meeting of Independent Television Producers, today, in Lisbon.

For the Secretary of State, “in the History of Portugal there are a thousand stories to trigger, from the point of view of series, films, documentaries”, and the challenge for producers is to be able to present “a winning idea” to new funders, namely streaming display platforms.

As for the transposition of a European directive on investment obligations for media and audiovisual services, the so-called AVMS Directive that will affect companies like Netflix and HBO, Nuno Artur Silva argues that Portuguese producers should “have projects that excite the platforms”.

They don't look at our market with that curiosity. As much as it costs us, we have made a path in a certain circuit of the author's cinema, in the telenovela market, but we have not done it in telefilms, series, documentaries. That's when there is an opportunity ”, he defended.

In the view of the Secretary of State, while the tutelage works on transposing the European directive, Portuguese film and audiovisual producers have to “find stable relations with countries and markets that are available to work” with them.

And he gave examples of what has already happened with the production of the series “Auga Seca” and the telefilm “Conexão”, both in co-production between RTP and Spain.

In an interview last Saturday with Público newspaper, Nuno Artur Silva said that the work of transposing the European directive AVMS should be concluded by the end of the year.


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