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Hong Kong police dispersed protesters on anniversary of protests

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Hong Kong police dispersed protesters on anniversary of protests

Hong Kong police fired tear gas this Tuesday to disperse hundreds of people who gathered in the city center to celebrate the first anniversary of the start of protests in the city streets.

Hundreds of people gathered at the end of the afternoon (local time) in the city center, on the day of a year being celebrated on the first major demonstration of protest against an extradition bill, meanwhile withdrawn, which has become a landmark decisive for the pro-democracy and anti-government movement.

The commemoration started at noon (local time), when hundreds of people gathered in shopping centers during lunchtime, singing anti-government slogans and displaying banners with anti-government sayings before they started to be faced by police forces that used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The police asked people not to participate in unauthorized meetings, alleging rules of social distance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which limit gatherings to a maximum of eight people.

Participants responded to calls made by social media to meet in various neighborhoods in the city, although the exact locations were announced just an hour before planned actions to avoid police control.

The activists asked the protesters to turn on their cell phone flashlights, to show that the people of Hong Kong had not given up on their demands, referring to requests that have been made to the local government, to guarantee autonomy before Beijing.

In a statement, Hong Kong police said the concentrations would be declared illegal because they were unauthorized meetings and were warning protesters of this illegality by raising blue flags.

Today's event recalled the demonstration about a year ago, in which a sea of ​​people in white shirts – the color that initially defined the movement, before being replaced by black – took to the streets to oppose the bill. on extradition proposed by the Hong Kong government.

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in this march, although a week later, on June 16, an even bigger demonstration was held, bringing together almost a million people and marking a milestone in the history of mobilizations in the city since it was returned by the United Kingdom to China in 1997.


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