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"I didn't infect anyone." Appointed as the zero patient of the great contagion focus …

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"I didn't infect anyone." Appointed as the zero patient of the great contagion focus ...

The Health Adviser for La Rioja, an Autonomous Community in northern Spain, guarantees that 246 of the more than 260 diagnosed with coronavirus in the region were infected at the same funeral. The accounts made by the Spanish experts conclude that La Rioja is really the territory in all of Europe with the highest incidence of Covid-19, with 45.4 people infected per 100 thousand inhabitants, a rate higher than the 41.72 in the Italian region of Lombardy. In Spain, these two data have been associated with a single name and a single person: Camarón.

Camarón, whose real name is Fernando Pérez, was one of the first infected with coronavirus whose identity was known in Spain. The 52-year-old auto-worker, married and father of six, is still hospitalized and in isolation – but spoke to the newspaper The world to tell what he says is the true story of the past few weeks and to defend himself from the news that accuses him of having infected hundreds of people at a single funeral. To the Spanish newspaper, Camarón begins by revealing that he is of Roma ethnicity and that the funeral where he was present on February 23 added people from several Spanish regions, including a couple who had just returned from Italy.

On March 1, Camarón entered the Hospital Santiago Apóstol with flu-like symptoms and has not yet left. He was diagnosed with coronavirus and the news of the following days, when catadupa cases began to appear in the La Rioja region, quickly identified him as patient zero.

He was the one who infected hundreds of people at the funeral where he was and in the places where he later went – several details appeared, such as the fact that the 52-year-old Spaniard had organized dinners with dozens of people at home. Two weeks later, with a dramatic evolution that forced the government of Pedro Sánchez to declare the state of alarm in the country, Camarón guarantees that after all he was closed for five days at home when he started to feel the first symptoms before going to the hospital and defends himself : “They treat me like I'm a terrorist. I didn't infect anyone ”.

Camarón then explains that the outbreak of contagion appeared at the funeral on February 23 but that it was not the origin of the spread of the virus. He argues that he was only the first to have symptoms, the first to go to the hospital and the first to be diagnosed and that "irresponsibility", as he himself calls it, was among the other people who were at the funeral and who continued to do it normal life even after Camarón's positive test.

The 52-year-old Spaniard still criticizes the Spanish government, saying he does not understand how on March 8, last Sunday, intervention teams were entering gypsy neighborhoods in La Rioja to control the isolation of the population and in large cities they were demonstrations with hundreds of people are allowed to mark International Women's Day. An indirect that goes directly to Pedro Sánchez, whose wife is infected and was in that demonstration.

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