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Jesko Absolut. This “plane” promises 531 km / h

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Jesko Absolut. This “plane” promises 531 km / h

Koenigsegg, not happy to have surprised the car industry with the revelation of the Gemera, a 4-seater 1700 hp coupé, extracted at the expense of a small gasoline engine with three cylinders and three other electric motors, also revealed the Jesko Absolut, lighter and even more aggressive, although without so many environmental concerns.

The Jesko Absolut is beautiful, but despite great air requirements, to cool and power the gasoline engine, it can be extremely aerodynamically refined, claiming a Cx of only 0.278. Koenigsegg should be able to reach this level with active “wings”, especially at the back, capable of guaranteeing the necessary aerodynamic support in cornering and braking, to then decrease the said aerodynamic load in a straight line, aiming at a higher speed.

The soul of the Jesko Absolut is the brand's traditional biturbo V8 engine, associated here with a nine-speed automatic transmission, designed at home. This driving unit guarantees 1600 hp and possibly a torque to leave the most demanding driver with his mouth open. All because the Swedish manufacturer wants the two-seater to be the new benchmark in terms of performance.

Koenigsegg already had a model on the Agera RS capable of reaching 457.94 km / h, thus surpassing its rival Bugatti Chiron, with 1500 hp and self-limited at 420 km / h (although it could reach a theoretical value of 460 km / h ) if it were not limited by tires (Bugatti also produced the 300+ version of the Chiron, capable of 490 km / h). This is because the only brand that produces tires capable of running at 420 km / h is Michelin, which, meanwhile and at the request of several brands, is already in the process of coming up with a new tire capable of reaching 500 km / h.

Interestingly, if Koenigsegg's estimates are confirmed, it is possible that when Michelin introduces its 500 km / h tire it will be out of date. For Christian von Koenigsegg, his Jesko Absolut should be able to run at 531 km / h. The test to confirm the maximum speed of the Jesko Absolut will be carried out later this year, once the Swedish brand finds a track with the necessary length.


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