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Juan Carlos I under fire after “donation” of 65 million euros to lover and to …

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Juan Carlos I under fire after “donation” of 65 million euros to lover and to ...

The emeritus king Juan Carlos I has been under fire after it was known that in 2012 he donated 65 million euros to his “close friend” at the time, Corinna Larsen, and her son, advanced El País on Saturday. The investigations carried out by the Spanish and Swiss judicial authorities aim to discover the origin of this donation. The main suspicion indicates that it will come from a transfer of 100 million dollars (89 million euros) from the Government of Saudi Arabia in 2008.

The transfer of 89 million euros, the result of a bilateral agreement between Saudi Arabia and Spain, which culminated in the delivery of the Order of the Golden Fleece to the Saudi monarch, is being investigated by the attorney general of Geneva. According to the Swiss public prosecutor's office, the money came into the king's hands after going through iron foreheads and an offshore structure, which could mean that a larger fortune was hidden, according to writes El Confidencial.

Four years later, a € 65 million “donation” was made to Corinna (five months after the accident in Africa and one year before the relationship ended). The reasons behind the generous offer are not known, but the relationship between Juan Carlos and Corinna's son, however, has been questioned.

The name of young Alexander Kyril zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, who until this week was unknown, started to be in the mouths of the world after it was revealed that he received "a donation". According to the mother, the king promised the young man, now 18, that he would give him a gift for his tenth birthday, after suffering an accident during a trip that the three made to Botswana in April 2012. The goal would be to compensate the young man for not taking the promised safari.

According to Corinna Larsen's lawyer, quoted by the EFE agency, the "donation" was motivated by the "affection" that the king felt for both. Information confirmed by a source close to the king, who, in statements to El País, guarantees that the emeritus played a significant role in the young man's life between 2009 and 2012.

Just this week, Corinna Larsen assured that she would denounce Juan Carlos, claiming to be under pressure not to divulge state secrets that he will have in his possession, according to El País.


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