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Katy Perry is pregnant, has a new album and announces everything in a music video

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Katy Perry is pregnant, has a new album and announces everything in a music video

Katy Perry has never dressed in white, but it looks like she is soon. At least, according to the song released yesterday – “Never Worn White” -, where the 35-year-old singer uses a basic rhyme chorus to say that she is willing to “try”. Everything suggests that the happy winner is Orlando Bloom, who has been engaged for more than a year.

Although the two have always kept their life together shrouded in secrecy (after all, they started dating in 2016, but kept it secret for two years), the video goes further in the revelations. In the end, Perry appears in profile, wearing a steamy and transparent dress, while stroking her prominent belly, confirming the rumor of the past few days. Katy Perry is pregnant with her first child (the second for Orlando Bloom, who is the father of a 9-year-old boy, as a result of his marriage to model Miranda Kerr).

"It was definitely the secret that I had to keep for a longer time," said the singer during a straight on Instagram, shortly after the video's debut. "A lot is going to happen this summer, not only will I give birth literally but also in a figurative sense, as something that you have been waiting for a long time will arrive," he continued. The baby, as well as the new album, will arrive this summer. “Witness”, the most recent album by the American singer, was released in 2017.

In addition to the pregnancy and the release of the new album, the so-called white dress. After more than a year of engagement, much is speculated about the marriage of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, 43 years old. Since the engagement was made official on February 14 last year, neither of them has provided any information about the wedding's preparations, Perry's second, who was married to British comedian Russel Brand between 2010 and 2012.

According to Page Six, the couple plans to marry in June, in Japan, a plan that could be rendered unfeasible by the threat of the new coronavirus. "It is not for the party, it is for bringing together people who will demand responsibility when things get tough," the singer said last week, in an interview with Stellar Magazine. Still, Perry did not reveal any details about where, when and how the wedding will take place.


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