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Lisbon Green. Cruises stop using diesel in 2022 when they dock at the …

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Lisbon Green. Cruises stop using diesel in 2022 when they dock at the ...

Cruise ships will no longer be able to use diesel when they dock in Lisbon, starting in 2022, announced this Friday the Councilor for the Environment, José Sá Fernandes.

“We managed to reach an agreement the day before yesterday (Wednesday) with the Port of Lisbon so that cruises from 2022 onwards do not use diesel when they dock in Lisbon. Therefore, let the port be electrified to avoid atmospheric pollution, ”said the councilman.

José Sá Fernandes spoke to the Lusa agency at the entrance to Estufa Fria, in Lisbon, where the new Lisbon Capital Verde 2020 program was presented, taking into account that several initiatives planned to occur in the last few months were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. .

The councilor for the Environment also said that the capital will have a hydrogen station in Carnide, in the photovoltaic plant planned for that location until the "beginning of next year".

It is the “first hydrogen station to supply vehicles and to store hydrogen and, therefore, is another source of renewable energy”, he stressed.

The city of Lisbon will also have spring water again, in addition to continuing with “the work of reused water”, allowing Lisbon residents to be able to “go back to fetch water for irrigation and street washing”, said the councilor of the Environment and Green Structure.

Regarding the Lisbon Capital Verde program, Sá Fernandes recalled that the “three biggest conferences” will no longer take place, but added that there will be “a major conference on public health and air pollution, at Culturgest”.

“Several conferences at the Academy of Sciences” are also planned and the opening conference for the green week, which usually takes place in Brussels and would take place this month in Lisbon, will take place in October.

The Recycling Museum, in Alcântara, which should have opened during these months of confinement, will also be inaugurated this year.

“We are going to have conferences, obviously, less than we were thinking. We are going to have several events, less than we were thinking, but we are going to continue with the works, we are going to continue with the initiatives, we are going to try to inform the citizens in the best possible way ”, he said, defending that Lisbon“ is always losing, but other things ”.

The councilor also highlighted the works, "in final project", of Vale da Montanha II and Vale do Forno, the only ones that are missing to complete the Green Plan of architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles.

José Sá Fernandes also unveiled the locations of the surprise gardens planned to open throughout the year, highlighting Quinta da Alfarrobeira, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Av. D. João XXI) and EPAL, next to Amoreiras.

"Almost every month we are going to open a new garden," he said, referring that some will still need works.

I think we can learn a lot of things from what the city has taught us. This city that was stopped, that was silent, that seemed to be listening to itself, and that we were able to hear it too ”, he considered.

For the councilor for the Environment, society is learning, as a result of the pandemic of covid-19, that it is possible to “work more at home” in some cases and to “lag the hours”, contributing to a more sustainable city with less “traffic jams. during rush hour ”.

“Today is Environment Day. We have been through difficult times here for everyone. (We want to) remember the people who died, who suffered, who don't hug, but it's Environment Day. We want it to be a day of hope. It is also in the face of adversity that we should be encouraged, that we should try to do what we have to do ”, reinforced José Sá Fernandes.

The Mayor of Lisbon, for his part, defended that the “pandemic gave the green capital an added urgency” and evidence of change that “climate change had not been able to do”.

The period of confinement was, in the opinion of Fernando Medina, “a moment of greater awareness and strength for the Lisbon Capital Verde commitment”.


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