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Love in coronavirus time. How is life on Tinder and other apps of …

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Love in coronavirus time. How is life on Tinder and other apps of ...

It was a matter of time before Covid-19 reached the dating apps, with no possible escape, even if you choose to make a swipe corresponding to "deny". With prophylaxis on the agenda, and the proper hygienic distance imposed by force majeure, Tinder shared a special warning with its American users. "We want to keep having fun, but protecting yourself from the coronavirus is more important", says the company, which also left some tips on good practices, such as washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching the face or maintaining a certain social distance in public events.

Owned by the American company Match Group, and with its approximately 5.9 million users worldwide in December 2019, Tinder is not alone in this campaign. OKCupid started sending notifications with an additional question: "Is the coronavirus affecting your relationships?". The issue gains new strength if we think that, second The Guardian, the number of mentions to the virus in this type of applications rose 262% between January and March, raising a series of doubts and fears.

And if the physical gap between citizens threatens to gain ground, whether in this universe of apps or even on the margins, perhaps not everything goes wrong for the harmony between humans. “Relationships are more important than ever in times like these, when life poses challenges,” points out Paddi Rice, from Executive Search Dating in Vancouver, probing about possible changes consumption patterns online. “Who wants to face such a thing alone?”, He insists. Very well, but if so, please wash your hands first, it is the general request

Owned by the American company Match Group, Tinder had about 5.9 million users worldwide in December 2019

If you see challenges on the horizon as a good prospect, you will easily find a program for long hours of conversation with your soul mate. You can always return to – more contagious than contagious – February 1988, when the Colombian Gabriel García Marquez anticipated The New Yor Times a new and now highly opportune novel, "Love in Times of Wrath." Gabo, who had a special fascination for plagues, including that of love, then resumed his path after that outbreak of insomnia in “100 years of Solitude” and reminiscences of the scourge that haunted Cartagena in the late 19th century.

But not everything will be that romantic – remember that life was not simple for Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza either. "‘ I like this guy so much to risk getting the virus? ", questions itself, and questions us, The Washington Post, which shows how this epidemic scenario has made the world of relationships “even more complicated”. Did you ask for an outbreak as a scapegoat to discard someone? Check. “Dating apps are reminding us that we should wash our hands and the first messages are filling up with references to the coronavirus. For many, the fear of the virus is real. But in the world of dating and relationships, it is difficult to know when someone is just using this excuse that they are infected just to get rid of someone before they even know each other ”.

On the other hand, if you have really worrying symptoms, do not play with the subject or hide this picture from those on the other side.

Love in coronavirus time. How is life on Tinder and other apps of ...

Hinge, another dating app, also highlighted the importance of washing hands

On the one hand, the harbinger of quarantine can confine a large number of people to their homes, discouraging exits and motivating the search for a series of distractions inside doors: spending long hours on Tinder can be a form of entertainment. On the other hand, it will be difficult to go beyond intensive chat mode (or a few other variations on the virtual plane, for the more daring). Well, maybe this is an opportunity for people to talk more, once they are forced to put physical contact in the background, speculate Buzzfeed, which also points to the reinforcement of sexting, the use of flirty emojis and an overdose of selfies. About the Bumble, bet on smart dating offered by video call functionality.

There are other voices exploring the brave new world in which relationships are made and broken with the coronavirus ride. If the fact that a user reveals that he or she recently made a trip to a risk zone can drive away those on the other side, there are also those who estimate that a profile that plays with this data can reinforce the attraction index – there are even those who put the hypothesis from behind a of these profiles if you find the actor Ben Affleck, but everything may be just another virality typical of networks.

Love in coronavirus time. How is life on Tinder and other apps of ...

New profiles inspired by the Covid-19 epidemic

In other words, a little manna for comedians. Meanwhile, in South Korea, recently created apps aim to make routine easier – but they were born with the opposite objective of promoting meetings. I would like to know if you are going to go somewhere where infected citizens have been traveling? Already invented the system that allows you to know in advance, with smartphones asserting themselves more than ever as essential tools.

Love in coronavirus time. How is life on Tinder and other apps of ...

The inevitable encounter between a comedian and a Coronavirus profile

But how is the social scene in the case of the most daring, those who risk leaving home, frequenting public spaces and depriving themselves with potential virus transmitters? By yes by no, better take it with you some items that can help at this time, like the unsexy but advisable protection masks and a disinfectant gel. See also the updated list of conditioned spaces. Oh, and the courtesy of foot touch is always a form of greeting in vogue these days.

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