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Making bread, solving a cube or repairing pots: 15 tutorials to learn something …

by ace
Making bread, solving a cube or repairing pots: 15 tutorials to learn something ...

It's through the channel Planterina who can access a legitimate urban jungle, with the right to all the information necessary to treat their indoor plants with the dignity they deserve. The service advisor in this green mission is the North American Amanda, whose tutorials vary between the monetization of micro rooms, basic care, the most frequent errors and other details full of chlorophyll.

The video promises magic, like all the others you find on YouTube of this genre, and there is no way to try to take the test of the nine. Year after year, generation after generation, Rubik's keeps the fascination and difficulty on the same foot. Solving the three-dimensional puzzle, invented by Hungarian Ernő Rubik in 1974, remains one of the most popular videos in the most popular online video store.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video step by step is certainly more illustrative than a simple list of procedures – and in this respect, Brazilians are unbeatable. “I love homemade bread” (extensible to varieties like pita bread or chocolate bread) says just about everything that goes, so there are no mistakes. More homemade than this is in fact impossible, because the idea is to be the reader to take care of everything, advised by Adriano Ribeiro, engaged in artisanal bakery. For some other projects with a very Portuguese core, be sure to see this declaration of love of Mário Rolando and take the opportunity to kill miss the Gleba bread.

Céline Chevallier is the face in front of the channel “The French bathe”, or OFTB, a tool to deconstruct prejudices and teach French-speaking bê-a-bá (here taught in Brazilian Portuguese, so there are no excuses). It is natural that you will not leave here qualified to write something that requires the breath of Les Miserables, but with this first chapter of a series of other online lessons you will have a beautiful start. Learn to say hello and say goodbye – to do it as soon as it's safe to do so.

There is an endless choice of tutors in this segment but who better than Marie Kondo to guide us through this chapter and this particular time in life? The housekeeping guru came into our homes to help unravel, which is like saying to eliminate the accessory and manage the essentials as efficiently as possible. He created an empire, launched books, wrote for children and even took the controversy out of the closet when he opened his store dedicated to lifestyle. But its basic folding method remains unbeatable.

Cosmetics are for YouTube like milk is for British teas. At first, they seem unlikely combinations, but their popularity wipes out any skepticism. Here you will find tips for all tastes and styles – and millionaire leaders whose voices reach millions. We have already talked about famous names like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, but there is no shortage of alternatives depending on your aspirations. From Zoella to Ali Andreea, YouTube is the limit. Tips for cleaning brushes? Smokey eyes more than perfect? You decide.

Asian delicacies have long conquered national stomachs, but if you are one of those for whom the use of chopsticks continues to seem like one of Hercules' works, don't despair. Of course, there are videos that make everything easier. Or they help to complicate things even more, at least at an early stage. It is that Chinese, Koreans and Japanese manage to follow different precepts. Result: there is more than one correct way to carry out the enterprise. The good news is that there are also tutorials to think about this diversity.

Granny Mastanamma was the oldest grandmother chef in the world until 2008, when she died at the age of 105, which immediately gives a degree of adorability to this format, which leaves us in a kind of trance. Learning how to make samosas is just one of the specialties you can find associated with this YouTube star, and basically a good excuse to resume the encounter with this culinary legend who showed the best of New Delhi.

Did you drop that pet bowl? Fear nothing. It is time to talk about the art of Kintsugi, or how glue and a little golden powder are used to highlight, instead of hiding, those flaws that caused some piece at home. Solving a dilemma and at the same time enhancing what initially resembled a defect is the main purpose of this manual work.

From Adele to Coldplay, through this Imagine, by John Lennon, there are plenty of online suggestions that guide your fingers on a virtual keyboard with the accuracy of a GPS. Of course, compared to handling a Steinway, it's just child's play, but the good part is this: even kids can get started on it. Here is a simple idea to get started on the piano.

For a control of lights and shadows, a brief introduction to studio photography – there are several videos in Castilian on the subject, among more general tips and true marathons more than three hours towards professionalization. Of course, there is no shortage of better-achieved pose guides, discussions about the best cameras and precious guidance for influencers. The next time you say you know a lot about photography, think twice. Or watch another video.

You can follow the painter William Kemp on his website or follow the videos shared on your YouTube channel, followed by more than 200,000 users. It is not guaranteed that he will become Van Gogh, but it is likely that for a while he will talk to us about paints and acrylics with another authority, however discreet he may be. William, who writes about peonies as much as Rubens, suggests techniques and approaches for true beginners, so don't be afraid to get dirty.

Imagine that seven buckets of paint are thrown at you at the same time. This is more or less what you want to remove from here, but this time applying the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet tones to … well, basically everything you have at home. Here is an inspiration for theme parties, birthdays or simply to paint with the colors of the rainbow all the objects that come to mind – kids are likely to love this workshop, but it’s just a guess. If in doubt, explore the following minutes and get ready for the color explosion that lies ahead.

Canadian in origin and based in San Diego, Sam the Cooking Guy is the type of gastronomic instructor that a mother or father concerned about compromising eating mistakes will not approve of. Everything in this recipe channel is especially juicy and relatively greasy, taking food porn to the highest level. Lots of meat, an endless series of hamburgers, shameless bacon overdoses, burritos and as many other caloric dishes as it takes to make very good people salivate (or deeply horrified).

From the simplest processes to the most complex tangles, we are always in the realm of macramé with Emily Faith, which will guide you through the fascinating world of hand weaving technique that consists of using knots. It may have been originally used to create fringes, from curtains to towels, but the truth is that it has spread in such a way that we can hardly imagine it removed from the universe of interior design. From fashion to decoration, become a true expert.

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