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Marta wanted to make a “timeless song”, Elisa sang it. “The Portuguese public …

by ace
Marta wanted to make a “timeless song”, Elisa sang it. “The Portuguese public ...

He also participated in the “Ídolos” program, from what I read. How was that experience and when was it, Elisa?
Elisa – It was in 2015, if I'm not mistaken. I was 15, I was going to be 16 this year. It was again because of my mother, who signed me up. She always believes in me very much, she supports me immensely. I went to Lisbon alone, she couldn't because she was working, so I had to face the castings alone, spend all those hours … But I didn't have much expectations, I didn't think it would go well, that my mother was just spending money – but I also didn't care because I was missing 10th grade classes [laughs]. There I went through the stages and reached the top 20, the stage before the galas. That gave me enormous strength …

To believe in a future in music?
Elisa – Yes, because it had a lot of projection. In Madeira, at least I see it in my family and in the families of my friends, we love to watch TV contests. I also didn't tell anyone that I was going to “Idols” – I'm always like that, I do things and I never say anything, I only talk about things after they happen – but I remember seeing my friends all super excited, they gave me a great support. Many people I didn't know started to contact me to do more concerts, too. After leaving “Ídolos”, I took advantage of this projection to proceed: I started giving my concerts, I started to have more stage experience. It was a very positive experience, despite all the stresses and being very young at the time and not having a good idea of ​​things. The other contestants were all very dear and we still have a group [on social networks], when they heard that I was going to the Song Festival they all sent a message to that group to congratulate me.

When Marta Carvalho invites you to interpret a theme at the Song Festival, what was your first reaction?
Elisa – I remember that that day the management team at Great Dane Studios had called me to the studio to have a meeting, but they didn't tell me what it was about. I remember complaining and thinking: why don't people say things on my cell phone? Why do I have to take a train and go there? [laughs] I wasn't very happy about having to leave the house but I went there and found Marta. She told me that she had been invited to compose for the Song Festival and I was very happy for her. I said: 'I can't believe it, so cool, so young and you're already going to the Festival, go with everything, give it'.

Marta Carvalho – Yes, she thought I called her just to inform her that she was going to participate. 'Look, I'm a songwriter. Now you can leave … ’[laughs]

Elisa – It wasn't like that, but I really thought it was to tell me: this appeared. Then she says to me: I wanted you to be the interpreter. I replied: yes, Marta, I the interpreter, it will really happen … She puts on a super serious face and says to me: I am serious. That's when I realized, realizing it was really serious. I was asked if he accepted and I replied: ‘Is there no way to accept? It's just the Song Festival! ”

Marta Carvalho – I didn't know her that well, yet. I didn't know if I would accept it or not, if I liked it or not, because there are people who don't like the Song Festival. The truth is that she accepted right away and then we spoke the two on the phone more calmly. It was beautiful, it looks like it had to happen. Now we have such a beautiful friendship, certainly for life.


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