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Medina says that Lisbon will have “a memorial dedicated to slavery”, without “any …

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Medina says that Lisbon will have “a memorial dedicated to slavery”, without “any ...

The city of Lisbon will even have a Discovery Museum and the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, says that in the current term, which ends in 2021, “very significant steps are taken to achieve it”. But those who fear that the Discoveries will be seen museologically only for what was positive do not need to worry: the museum will mirror “the historical process in all its aspects” and “in all positive and negative dimensions”, not hiding “ the issue of slavery ”.

The guarantee is given by the Mayor of Lisbon in an interview with Diário de Notícias. The mayor also mentions that there will be “a memorial dedicated to slavery”, without “any complex”. And he emphasizes that “it is important to have the Discovery Museum in order to report this story from a multidimensional and future point of view”.

Still in the interview, Fernando Medina talks about the ban on gatherings to celebrate the Popular Saints in Lisbon this year, due to Covid-19: “We took a set of measures in conjunction with the Government and others under the responsibility of the Chamber to avoid agglomerations and a functioning festive that, unfortunately, it is not possible to assure Lisbon residents this year safely ”this year.

Regarding the future of the post-pandemic city, Medina says he believes that Lisbon will be “more sustainable, more focused on people's health” and will have “better quality of life” a year from now. Pointing out the long-term aim, he assumes that there is a future for the city that cannot be similar to the recent past: “We are aware that we cannot go back to the levels of pollution and congestion that we had before the pandemic”.

Tourism – one of the major sources of income in the city and one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic – should take off again, believes the PS politician: “Tourism will take its time and we hope to make a gradual recovery, but I do not expect that it be very quick or within a few months to return to the pre-pandemic situation ”.

"This year I think there will be a gradual increase, I hope that in relation to the next we may already have stronger signs", he said.


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