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Meghan, the tights of discord and the exhausted Kate, who has worked as much as …

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Meghan, the tights of discord and the exhausted Kate, who has worked as much as ...

The social bible on British soil gives Kate Middleton the cover honor in the July / August issue. “Catarina the Great” it is the crown that was lacking in the extensive profile outlined in times of increased challenges brought about by the pandemic, with the morale of the subjects benefiting, according to the publication, from the ascendant of figures such as the Duchess of Cambridge. But of course the article does not live by inspiration alone, which naturally travels through some of the juiciest details in the recent past of the wife of the future King of England. Details that don't go beyond controversies, including the always tense relationship with her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

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One episode in particular brings us back to the Sussex wedding preparations and a commented disagreement between the two. "There was an incident in rehearsals," a friend of Cambridge told the magazine. “It was a hot day and apparently they had a discussion about whether or not the pages and bridesmaids should wear tights. Kate, according to the protocol, thought so. Meghan didn't want to. The photographs suggest that Meghan won ”.

Waving, holding hands and a toothless smile: the pages and bridesmaids of the royal wedding

Six children with socks-free legs reveal the images of this ceremony in St George's chapel, in Windsor, in May 2018, unlike the echoes that emerge in April 2011, when Kate and William exchanged rings and the label was maintained. Just one of several signs of the bad feeling that was gaining ground among duchesses while the Sussex still lived in the UK. And a drop in the special long that analyzes the duchess's personality.

Kate and Meghan appeared side by side and talking and the rumors disappeared

Still on the subject of revelations, another source close to Kate confirms her level of exhaustion since Harry and Meghan left the functions of senior members of the royal family, further dictating the reinforcement of the future queen's agenda. “Kate is furious about overwork. Of course, she appears smiling and dressed appropriately, but she doesn't like it. She feels exhausted and cornered. He's working so hard as a top CEO ”.

Despite the dominant tone of approval towards Kate, not everything is roses and these thorns in the duchess's personality they are also mentioned, by the voice of those who least sympathize with her posture. "I don't think Kate ever mentored Meghan," admits a friend, remembering with Cambridge they were always very circumspect from the beginning in relation to Meghan, something that hurt Harry.

The edition that hits the newsstands this Thursday, May 28, still navigates by the relationship of loyalty with the queen, by the restricted and illustrious tribe of friends and by the levels of worship with the public, not identical to those of Lady Di but with a generous legion of followers.


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