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More than 10,000 people affected by floods in Dili, according to the new balance of …

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More than 10,000 people affected by floods in Dili, according to the new balance of ...

Timorese authorities have already registered more than 10,000 people affected by last Friday's floods, a number that will increase because the damage assessment is still ongoing, according to Civil Protection.

The most recent data collected this Monday by the civil protection and to which Lusa had access, already count a total of 1,664 families in 13 sucos, equivalent to parishes, in a total of 10,069 people.

Among those affected, there are more than 210 children under the age of five, 76 elderly people, 22 pregnant women and 44 women who have babies of nursing age.

Among the most affected areas are the neighborhoods of Bidau Santa-Ana, with 2,621 people, Santa Cruz, with almost 2,100, Becora, with 1,750 and Bidau, with 1,260.

The report states that the Secretary of State for Civil Protection has already supported a total of 128 families, while other emergency support actions are underway.

The floods that caused a death, a 16 year old girl, affected hundreds of businesses of all sizes, with losses not yet quantified.

Aid from companies and citizens, national and foreign, continues to reach Civil Protection to be distributed to hundreds of people who are currently in the three temporary reception centers established in two Civil Protection sites and in the church of Bidau.

About 300 people, initially accommodated in temporary centers, have now gone to their homes, or what remains of them, in order to receive support.

Cleaning tasks continue to take place in the most affected areas, with heavy equipment mobilized by the Timorese Ministry of Public Works, to be used to clean roads and, in particular, the affected streams, which have become more silted.

Floods were one of the subjects of today's meeting of the Council of Ministers, which approved a point tolerance for civil servants in Dili, in the next two days, so that they can help with cleaning.

This tolerance covers only the Dili region and excludes essential services, namely security, health and civil protection, among others.

Ministries will expressly indicate which services are considered essential. Employees must remain permanently in touch, in case they are needed for the service ”, said the executive, in a statement.

The meeting analyzed the material damage caused by the floods, "with thousands of people affected, hundreds of displaced, injured and one dead".

“The measures necessary to recover the damage caused by the floods and support to the affected population were analyzed. The Council of Ministers also analyzed a set of short and long-term measures to minimize the effects of torrential rains in the future ”, he said.

The issue has also marked the debate this Monday in the parliament, which is also centered on the Covid-19 pandemic issue.

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