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More than 50% of Portuguese have only basic skills in the field of …

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More than 50% of Portuguese have only basic skills in the field of ...

More than 50% of the Portuguese have only basic digital skills and 23% have never used the internet, Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira announced this Friday.

The challenge for our country is when the world accelerates, how are we going to face it. How should we take advantage of this great promise of digital technologies, in order to make Portugal, at the end of this decade, a more developed country, an inclusive country, a country that does not leave spaces of territory, generations or segments of our society behind. But, on the contrary, I can take advantage of that to build a better shared future ”, said Siza Vieira.

The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition spoke in Castelo Branco, where he traveled to inaugurate the new engineering center of Axians, a brand specialized in consulting, design, integration and digital services from VINCI Energies.

The minister stressed that the digital transition is indeed a strategic challenge for the country and the Action Plan for the Digital Transition is based on three pillars: people, companies and public administration.

A society and a digital economy needs to have citizens who are prepared to live in this new digital society. We have to look at the way our children and young people acquire skills today to, in 20, 30 years from now, exercise professions that today we cannot even imagine ”, he stressed.

However, he also added that it is necessary to look at the large mass of the active, older population, who were not born in this digital world, but who need to be requalified and acquire skills and have access to the necessary training for, in companies, in Public Administration and in the various organizations, to be able to work well.

If we don't do this effectively, we could create the risk that some of these people will be left behind. We also need to think that there is no digital society, there is no digital economy, if all citizens are not prepared to have the basic skills, to be able to access digital services ”, he maintained.

Pedro Siza Vieira also released some data related to the country: “In Portugal, 23% of people never used the Internet and more than 50% of people have no more than basic skills in the digital domain”.


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