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Netflix bets on local content to conquer market in Africa

by ace
Netflix bets on local content to conquer market in Africa

Netflix is ​​going to bet on content production in Africa to try to enter the continent that could yield 1 billion new customers, having hired Kenyan producer Dorothy Ghettuba to select the best series.

“We are diving completely with respect to Africa, we are not just getting our feet wet,” said Ghettuba in an interview with financial information agency Bloomberg, in which he explained that “Africans like to see themselves on screen, and Africa has a huge population that wants to see their stories presented ”.

Netflix started the path to content production in Africa in 2016, when it started making its service available on the continent, before hiring the Ghettuba team in 2019, but it was necessary to wait for the internet speed to improve and the price to drop. data to convince viewers to switch to traditional television at a pace that makes investment profitable.

“We are not allocating a specific budget for Africa; we look at the stories, and we give the funding that a particular production needs to show the best possible story ”, exemplifying with the action series 'Queen Sono', which was filmed in 35 locations including Zanzibar, Nigeria and South Africa, and which tells the story of a South African secret agent looking for the truth about his mother's death.

Revenues from online subscription services were $ 183 million (€ 162 million) last year, but are expected to rise to more than $ 1 billion in 2025, according to a report by consultancy Digital TV Research.


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