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No, parents are not quarantined!

by ace
No, parents are not quarantined!

Come on, parents! Children acknowledge having a hint of bad temper. But also, there is no need to create social alarm just because they are closed, at home, under your care. Nor is it worthwhile to have tutorials to survive the quarantine, in your company. Neither WhatsApp groups with many parents worried about building listings with any number of activities to entertain them during t-o-d-o-s the minutes they are at home. Not even late mails to your teachers asking them (many) for more homework. Nor is this sudden passion for tele-work that everyone wants to attribute to them as if, suddenly, tablets were always their best friends; but to study all the time, of course.

Come on, parents! Do not listen to those gentlemen who recommend that parents have to explain to children that they are not on vacation! And do not accept, under penalty of the respect they have for you becoming ill, that they tell you that parents must have rules, routines and schedules. And they still have to divide their children's time between studying and leisure. And they have to have discipline, a lot of discipline, towards them! As if the parents were “quarantined” all the time. Or without "tutorials" they were not parents. Or they were only prepared for “parents' part-time”, between six in the afternoon and nine at night. As much as these gentlemen imagine that children do not distinguish between vacation and quarantine. Or do not understand that, during the holidays, the brightness of the parents' gaze is never, like him, like now, “quarantined”.

Come on, parents! Don't remind your kids that they have to work every day while their parents, even with a computer in front of them, are in their pajamas, all the time. This is not the most important thing for them! What children really need to understand is not so much whether their parents are able to entertain them; but if you are able to surprise them! And to show them that, instead of the 14 hours a day they are running everywhere, without being very clear whether they are making a path or running towards nowhere; if instead of having neither Saturdays nor Sundays and, in their spare time, the cell phone ends up having more space in their attention than all the things that children are able to do; or if instead of being angry with neighbors, angry with colleagues, angry with grandparents or angry with children; if children and parents, after quarantine, will be able to get to know each other better and become (still) more precious to each other.

Come on, parents! Children have already realized that neither they nor their parents can get sick. Because we can all die! And they recognize that they are not prepared – it is true! – for none of this that we are experiencing. And, as much as they love their parents, they live all the time, under the same roof, where the best of the playground will be to go to the balcony, it scares them; to them, too. Especially because they do not know how they will resist their parents' scraps to put away toys and other things, from morning to night. As much as they do not fail to recognize that their parents can only "see" them rejoicing, making noise or turning their patience inside out. And they admit that, as the days go by, they and their parents will just as quickly be angry with each other, as sad, bored or angry, for example. For all or nothing, as with all of us. And they are even prepared – it is good to know! – to see parents arguing over unimportant things. And, at the same time, telling them not to be worried, “because nothing is wrong”. But – come on, parents! – give children's routines just the importance they deserve. And recognize that the children are, above all, very scared. Even very scared! And that is why they need their parents, with all the mistakes that only they are capable of. To calm them down! And, above all, to make them feel safe. Because children recognize that, despite the viruses that nobody understands and the greatest injustices that Nature is capable of, if parents are not the most perfect creatures of Creation, they are very close! And that, yes, it's only worth it!

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