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Organization of Ibero-American States sees culture as “a very good asset …

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Organization of Ibero-American States sees culture as “a very good asset ...

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The Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) affirmed this Tuesday that culture is a “basic necessity”, in a statement with 10 principles to defend the sector, in a time marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We declare that, for Ibero-American States, culture should be considered as a basic necessity, being included among the explicit beneficiaries of all public policies and aid", says the first principle expressed in the statement of the organization founded in 1949, with 23 Member States.

The OEI stresses that the cultural and creative industries employ approximately 132,000 workers in Portugal, distributed by approximately 62,000 companies, and around 1.9 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean, noting that the crisis caused by the spread of the new coronavirus is to put the sector's sustainability “at risk” after the pandemic.

The international organization thus mentions, in the second principle, that artists, institutions and companies in the cultural sector need “greater support” in order to be able to get out of the crisis and asks, in the third principle, “protection for cultural work”, to avoid situations of helplessness.

The OEI also considers it necessary to “reinforce public-private partnership models for the development of culture”, with better cooperation between “different levels of government” – local, regional, national and international, and “strengthen the role of public service in the dissemination of local cultures ”, with“ special support for traditional media and new digital platforms ”.

The “digitization of the contents of Ibero-American cultural institutions”, such as museums, libraries or archives, to make their respective collections available to citizens and the promotion of “mobility of cultural goods and services”, based on “joint measures” by States, are other principles defended in the statement.

In the note, OEI also calls for a greater “presence of culture in educational institutions of any level and title”, with “more funds” to “improve training in arts and culture” and foster “critical Ibero-American citizenship, resilient and participatory ”.

The organization, with a general secretariat located in Spain, also requests the “improvement of the processes of defense of copyright and intellectual property of Ibero-American creators and artists” and the support of citizens to the “appeal of outstanding Ibero-political leaders. Americans ”to free resources for culture.

“We invite all citizens to support the call made by a group of distinguished Ibero-American political leaders to, for ethical and economic reasons, international financial entities, the multilateral development bank and international cooperation release massive resources to face this crisis. and its consequences, also in the area of ​​culture, ”says the 10th and final principle of the OEI decalogue.


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