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PAN and BE projects on restriction to night flights discussed this …

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PAN and BE projects on restriction to night flights discussed this ...

PAN and Left Bloc bills on restrictions on night flights between 0 am and 6 am will be discussed this Friday in the Assembly of the Republic.

The bill of the Party of People, Animals and Nature (PAN) determines the impossibility of carrying out night civilian flights, in the period between 0:00 am and 6:00 am, "except for reasons of force majeure".

BE also argues that civilian night flights should be banned between 0:00 and 6:00 am, "except for emergency landings or other reasonable reasons."

The PAN considers that it is "notorious the need for the Government to review the restrictions of operations related to noise at airports", in accordance with the principles of the European Union regulation, "with the utmost urgency, with a view to safeguarding health and -being of people ”.

In the bill, the PAN states that the number of flights has been “systematically increasing” and that this trend is expected to continue, thus also increasing “the risk to the health of those in the vicinity of the airports, being the case of Lisbon one of the most evident examples of serious impacts of the population ”.

In turn, Bloco de Esquerda recalls, in its bill, the data released by the Zero Environmentalist Association, in July 2019, in the Campo Grande area, in Lisbon, regarding a set of measurements of noise pollution and movement of planes that take off and land at Lisbon airport in the period between 0 am and 6 am, which revealed maximum limits to those allowed.

BE states that also the presence of an airport in the center of Lisbon is “a special cause for concern for the negative impacts and irreversible damage it represents for public health, the environment and the quality of life of the population that lives and works in the city ”.

According to BE, an airport the size of Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon causes "harmful damage around it, increasing atmospheric pollution, noise, contamination of water resources, soils and aquifers".

“As the case of Lisbon, with an airport in the center of the city, is the most serious case, we cannot fail to mention that in other airports in the country, complaints are accumulating. It is not feasible to continue with the growth of these types of structures and their activity without seriously considering the environmental and public health consequences. It cannot be worth just the potential economic gain ”, BE further emphasizes.

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