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Police try to fine dog for being… behind the wheel

by ace
Police try to fine dog for being… behind the wheel

Animals are capable of the greatest skills, but this Australian dog seemed to go the extra mile, appearing to be able to drive. Not a conventional car, because getting to the pedals and the steering wheel simultaneously, besides passing the box, would be too much for any specimen of man's best friend.

Buddy's vehicle, as the animal is called, is an electric toy for children marketed by Mercedes. According to the Herald Sun, agent Lynda Giblett caught a glimpse of Buddy at the controls of her machine along a tour of West Heidelberg in Melbourne, Victoria. Without going into the details that led the police to stop the canid – despite everything indicating that curiosity was in the spotlight -, in the end, the agents ended up being more surprised than the animal itself.

After telling Buddy to stop, Agent Giblett realized that she had no reason to demand anything from the poor animal. All because the dog was just a passenger in the vehicle, which was remotely controlled by Terri, Buddy's owner, who was walking a few feet behind.

With the explanations advanced by Terri, Lynda Giblett realized that what led the dog to be seated at the wheel was its advanced age, which long ago will have taken its hearing and vision. Therefore, the only possibility for Terri to walk his old dog was on board his remote-controlled SUV. The police would end up proving a great sense of humor by posting, on their Facebook, the photos of the curious encounter.


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