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Polish church asks Vatican to investigate pedophilia reported in film

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Polish church asks Vatican to investigate pedophilia reported in film

The Polish Episcopal Conference asked the Vatican to investigate alleged cases of pedophilia within the Church denounced in a documentary broadcast on "YouTube" and focused on sexual abuse of minors by a religious.

“As a high representative of the Episcopal Conference, I ask the Holy See to open a process of investigation into these contents”, wrote in a statement the primacy of Poland, Archbishop Wojciech Polak, according to the Polish television channel tvn24.

The reaction of the Polish Catholic Church followed the transmission of the film “Hide and Seek”, the second documentary signed by the brothers Marek and Tomasz Sekielski, which had more than 1.9 million views on the YouTube channel.

The Polish senior official warns that the cases reflected in this documentary "violate the protection of minors" observed by the Church, which is why he asks for the "motu propio" intervention of the Holy See, according to the procedures established by the Vatican under Pope Francis.

The Sekielski brothers had already raised suspicions within the Polish Catholic Church in May 2019, with the launch of a first documentary film that brought to light what their authors called "systematic sins of pedophilia".

In this second film, the filmmakers focus on the cases of three brothers, all minors and victims of sexual abuse by the same priest.

The first film, entitled “Don’t Tell Anyone”, which had 15 million reproductions, had an impact on the country's politics, dominated by the ultra-conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), which is closely linked to the Catholic hierarchy.

The Polish government has responded by tightening the penalties provided for pedophilia, pledging not to tolerate such behavior in any institution, including church bodies.

The Polish Episcopal Conference, in turn, pledged to put in place a plan to systematically combat these crimes and asked not to let the sins of "the few" obscure the good of the Church.

In this second documentary, the Sekielski brothers propose to join the loose ends of the first, as explained in a presentation prior to the release of the film.

The Sekielskis assert that the cases reported in their film are not isolated, but common situations in the church, favored by hierarchical structures that until now have silenced such abuses.

The authors now plan to make two more films, focused on the figure of Pope John Paul II, the Polish Karol Wojtyla.


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